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Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector is always considered as a primary and profitable source of economic growth for any country as well as the global economy. However the processes of oil and gas extraction, transport, refinement and distribution are very challenging because of harsh climatic conditions with the constant threat of burst where it is almost impossible for any physical person to work there. Hence, future proof automation and data communications is needed within these highly reactive sectors with improving operational efficiency and safety. Currently, to maximize the production through automation, many advanced industrial protocols and systems are used like Modbus, Profinet, SCADA by the oil and gas industries which are difficult to integrate because of their independency and limited connectivity to other systems.

Volktek’s complete range of Industrial Ethernet switches especially designed and certified for harsh mission-critical oil and gas applications, with proven reliability, flexibility, and safety which are highly essential.



● Certified and highly reliable products designed to meet industrial standards

● Network redundancy solutions for always available network

● Continuously entire performance capability with high MTBF

● Industrial solutions in the harsh environment with challenges of vibration, corrosion and fluctuating

● Suitable standards and capability for offshore oil and gas industry



Beneficial Features

● Necessary certifications to withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C~75°C), humidity, shock, vibrations
   and EMC

● Redundant ring with millisecond scale network recovery, avoiding any unacceptable down time

● Industrial protocol compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of devices ensuring operational
   efficiency in any given network

● Power redundancy for non-stop operations

● Extensive software features solely designed for automation makes your OPEX as minimum as possible

● In-house buildings for industrial grade components with comprehensive testing are carried out throughout
   the production process

● Remarkable DNV certified products for offshore environments

● High MTBF ensuring continuous performance and higher longevity