Successful Stories
  • PoE Solution for Outdoor Surveillance System in the City of Manila, Philippines

    The outside temperature in Manila, Philippines during summer may exceed 40°C. This high temperature caused many existing outdoor surveillance systems to malfunction, indicating that commercial grade switches are not suitable. To solve this problem, Volktek Managed industrial PoE switches, such as INS-8648P, were deployed with each controlling multiple PoE IP cameras.

  • PoE switches for indoor Surveillance Systems in the City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    A five-star hotel in Kuala Lump decided to increase its security levels by implementing multiple IP surveillance cameras on each floor to stream audios and real-time full HD videos. Volktek Hardened PoE switches with PoE budget up to 30w per port and IP30 compact fan-less design were used to establish a very secure and reliable surveillance system.

  • PoE switches for outdoor Surveillance Systems in Pattaya, Thailand

    More than 8 million tourists visit Pattaya, Thailand, one of the most popular tourist cities in Southeast Asia. To ensure the safety of tourists, Pattaya City government decided to expand their surveillance systems with centralized management and 24/7 operation. Volktek Industrial grade PoE INS-8648P switches with high PoE budget up to 30w per port and IP30 aluminum fan-less design capable of withstanding high humidity and a temperature up to 75°C were used to operate more that 1400 IP cameras.