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Every service provider’s goal is to provide reliable and scalable connectivity at an optimized cost level, with guarantee of customer satisfaction while maintaining the margins. With one of the largest and most efficient Metro Ethernet products manufacturer including Aggregation, Access and CPEs, Volktek provides new-generation products and market-proven solutions which are designed with advanced architecture and skillful features for delivering reliable and always-available connectivity enabling less OPEX and higher ROI.




● High bandwidth connectivity to handle high voluminous data transmission

● Can deal with power failure issue

● Advanced features which can help to reducethe OPEX

● Securable network infrastructure

● Zero tolerance downtime



Beneficial Features

● Support huge bandwidth networking from 1G to 10G, exhibiting advanced L2 and basic L3 features

● Redundant power supply by both AC and DC with supportive battery backup

● Intelligent hardware features like Hardware Monitoring, Cable tester, Dying Gasp helps in faster trouble


● Complying with PoE+ functionality starting from 1-24 port product design

● Dual flash memory spaces to store the same firmware code and configuration file. If primary fails, backup

   one can be immediately activated which reduce extra effort and OPEX to regenerate the file again.