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Residential Security

IP camera and Wi-Fi VoIP phones are increasingly being used in homes to safeguard people and valuable assets. Volktek provides commercial PoE+ switches and media converters for such applications.



● Easy installation and maintenance.
● PoE functionality for IP cameras and Wi-Fi
● Secure power protection with solutions for
   power failure.
● Easy troubleshooting and management.
● Gigabit functionality with fiber extensibility.


Beneficial Features

● Devices that can tolerate temperature fluctuations from -20°C to 60°C (industrial devices) or 0 to 50°C
   (commercial devices).
● Fan-less design to resist moisture, condensation, and dust.
● Gigabit bandwidth with port density up to 24 ports.
● PoE+ functionality eliminating the need for extra power source.
● Intelligent PD Alive-Checking for working status of PD with PoE scheduling for energy saving and burden-
   less maintenance.
● VIP (virtual IP) port functionality to provide uninterrupted services for important devices such as IP
● Redundant power inputs with power isolation and surge protection for non-stop operations and safety.
● Easy network management with user-friendly web GUI.
● E-mail alarm feature to alert any malfunction of IP devices.
● Compact and slim design with wall-mount option for space saving.