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Transportation & Logistics

The demands of transportation and logistics have been constantly growing across the entire world. However, this escalating demand coupled with growing expectations for safety and reliability is creating challenges for the transportation and logistics industry. The common security threats like petty crime, harassment, liability suits, and vandalism are increased where the IP surveillance is really needed to address these issues.

To provide an accurate, future-proof and reliable IP surveillance solution, Volktek has come up with its extensive range of Industrial PoE+ solution exhibiting extreme reliability, smart redundancy, easy manageability for every application of transportation and logistics industry, where 24/7 surveillance is really necessary.




Reliable and rugged that can be installed anywhere on a vehicle withstands humidity, temperature,
   vibration, and electromagnetic hazards

Easy to install and maintain

Equipped for the future to handle ever-growing transportation and logistics application

PoE functionality with the high power budget

Secure power protection

Reliable networking guarantee to reducing downtime



Beneficial Features

Robust design for a harsh environment with various temp. -20°C~60°C (Industrial) and -40°C~75°C

● Strong metal housing with IP 30 certified can withstand mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shock

Redundant Power Inputs with Power Isolation for non-stop operations

Innovative power booster to boost from low available DC power for in-vehicle surveillance

PoE+ functionality with easy plug-n-play for IP device deployments

Redundant ring topology with millisecond scale network recovery vehicles are up and running in no
   time, reducing downtime,
streamlining schedule efficiency and saving money

Easily managed through web GUI without the need of any expertise

Compactable and space-conscious design for space-limited transportation environment

● Long-haul fiber connectivity that provides high-bandwidth connectivity even for remote locations and
 easily extensible to control room

Industrial protocol compatibility and easily integrated with the existing infrastructure to

Future-proof design with enhanced features allowing you to increase capacity for additional data and
   applications as your needs evolve