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IP surveillance is required to detect  threats such as petty crime, harassment, and vandalism.  Volktek provides  a wide range of Industrial PoE+ devices with features such as extreme reliability, smart redundancy, easy management for 24/7 surveillance requirements.



● Reliable and rugged devices that can be installed in a
   vehicle and are resistant to humidity, heat , vibration,
   and electromagnetic interference.
● Easy to install and maintain.
● PoE functionality with high-power budget.
● Secure power protection.
● Reliable networking for continuous operation.


Beneficial Features

● Robust design to withstand temperature fluctuations from -40°C to 75°C.
● IP 30 certified strong housing to withstand mechanical stress, humidity, dirt, dust, shocking, and vibration.
● Redundant Power Inputs with power isolation for non-stop operations.
● Innovative power boost from low available DC power for in-vehicle surveillance.
● PoE+ functionality for  plug-n-play IP devices.
● Redundant ring topology with millisecond network recovery.
● Easily managed through web GUI.
● Compact and slim design for space-limited installation.
● Long-haul fiber connectivity with high bandwidth for remote operation.
● Industrial protocol compatibility for easy integration with pre-existing infrastructure.
● Future-proof design allowing capacity increase for additional data and applications.