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Commercial & Public Buildings

With huge growth of population, the criminal activity, thefts and vandalism are also increasing. To protect people, property and valuable assets now most of the hotels, organizations, office buildings, shopping malls have already installed IP surveillance. To construct a reliable surveillance system, one of the key factors will be designed hardened plus commercial PoE+ switches.

Volktek, the leading brand for both industrial and commercial PoE+ solution provides a complete range of PoE+ switches starting from unmanaged to managed, low ports to high ports density for demanding IP surveillance applications like shopping mall surveillance, hotel surveillance, building surveillance etc..




Easy to install and maintain

PoE functionality with high power budget

Secure power protection with solution for power failure

Reliable networking guarantee to reducing downtime

Gigabit functionality with fiber extensibility to every floor



Beneficial Features

Industrial hardened design which can tolerate temp. -20°C~60°C (industrial) and 0~50°C (commercial)

   without need of any air conditioner

Fan-less design for the harsh environments where moisture, condensation or dust could adversely affect

   the function

Coming with Gigabit bandwidth support plus extensive port density up to 24 Ports

PoE+ functionality to power up the  IP device deployments, eliminating the need of extra power source

   which saves your CAPEX

Intelligent PD Alive-Checking for PD’s working status monitoring with PoE scheduling for energy saving,

   provides burden-less maintenance

VIP port functionality to provide uninterrupted services for important devices

Redundant power inputs with Power Isolation and over voltage protection for Non-stop operations and

   building safety

Easy network management by using user-friendly web GUI with a single click

Redundant ring topology with millisecond scale network recovery to operate the device in maximum


Compactable and space-conscious design for space-limited building environment

Long-haul fiber connectivity that provide high-bandwidth connectivity and can easily extensible to every

   floor as well as control room