Metro and subway systems require automated devices to monitor traffics, display information, and control IP cameras, public announcement systems, and emergency telephone systems.

Volktek provides industrial rugged Ethernet switches for reliable networking in challenging subway environments.



● Devices that can withstand lightning and ESD
   (electrostatic discharge).
● Shock and vibration resistant.
● Redundant ring topology to minimize network downtime.
● Ability to handle power failure.
● Industrial grade certification for reliable connectivity.
● Power over Ethernet for IP devices.


Beneficial Features

● Devices that can withstand temperature fluctuations (from -40°C to 75°C), humidity, shocking, vibration,
   and EMI (electromagnetic interference).
● Redundant ring with millisecond network recovery ability to avoid unacceptable downtime.
● Industrial protocol compatibility and interoperability to ensure efficient operation.
● Power redundancy for non-stop operations.
● Long MTBF (mean time before failure) to ensure continuous operation and longevity.
● Intelligent PoE functionality with PD-alive checking features.