The entire world is growing so faster, so as the transportation medium to catch the same speed of moving. In many developed countries, people now rely on different subway facilities like MRT, trains, trams to travel between cities or countries. The country’s government now placed many automated devices such as train control and monitoring system, digital display systems, vehicle number info for passengers as well as IP camera, speaker, emergency interphone via a sustainable network to deliver efficient, faster and environmentally-friendly transportation services to passengers.

Purposefully Industrial grade switches are recommended for those harsh and heavy vibratory environments. Volktek’s leading industrial Ethernet switches provides rugged connectivity and reliable networking in those challenging subway environments.




Devices placed outside may have high possibilities to be hit by lightning or suffer from ESD

Shocks and vibrations due to passing high-speed vehicles like trains may cause malfunction on non-

   robust devices

Redundant ring topology to minimize the network downtime

Proper action needed to handle power failure issue

Industrial grade certification for reliable connectivity

Power over Ethernet to power up the IP surveillance



Beneficial Features

Necessary certifications to withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C~75°C), humidity, shock, vibrations

   and EMC

Redundant ring with millisecond scale network recovery, avoiding any unacceptable downtime

Industrial protocol compatibility and interoperability with a wide range of devices ensuring operational

   efficiency in any given network

Power redundancy for non-stop operations

In-house buildings for industrial grade components with comprehensive testing are carried out throughout

   the production process

High MTBF ensuring continuous performance and higher longevity

Intelligent PoE functionality with PD-alive checking features, saving troubleshooting time and on-site