Retail stores use RFID (radio frequency identification) devices, barcode readers, and various IP equipment for surveillance and communication. Volk provides a wide range of industrial PoE+ devices for shopping malls and a variety of retail stores.



● Highly integrated and cost-effective networks.
● Secure communication from network
   backbone to network edge.
● Compatibility with automated IP devices.
● PoE functionality for IP cameras, VoIP phones, and Wi-Fi APs.
● Gigabit bandwidth to support high volume data transmission.


Beneficial Features

● Industrial protocol compatibility for easy integration with existing IT infrastructure.
● Intelligent PoE functionality with PD-alive checking features and PoE scheduling ability for power saving.
● Extensive security features to protect confidential information.
● VIP (virtual IP) port functionality to provide uninterrupted services.
● Redundant power supplies for non-stop operation.
● Gigabit speed for high volume real-time data transmission.
● Strong hard casing to protect the device.
● Easy management through web GUI.
● Redundant ring topology for minimal downtime.
● Remote monitoring with extendible fiber functionality.
● 15Kv ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection.