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Fiber to the Business

01 Future-proof Ethernet Solution for Big Corporates


To cope with today's business models, the corporate needs to be stay connected with another business corporate. Hence, the business organizations required high bandwidth and advanced broadband solutions to do much more in less time for example quick sharing of larger files, communication with others via HD calls without any delay or interruption. At the same time the data transmitted needs to be confidential and hacker free with higher traffic prioritization.



Volktek’s Solutions

● The higher capacity of data handling from 1G to 10G, exhibiting advanced L2 and basic L3 features
    with advance IPv6 support

● Volktek’s Metro Ethernet solutions are designed with extensive security features like DHCP snooping,
   802.1x port authentication to build a secured, converged network by preventing external attacks while
   allowing secure access for authorized users only

● Comprehensive QoS features for better delivery of mission-critical traffic such as voice and video

● Dual flash memory spaces to store the same firmware code and configuration file. If the primary fails,
  backup one can be immediately activated which reduce extra effort and OPEX to regenerate the file



Products Applied

MEN-4532   28-port Fiber Switch, 20-slot 100FX/GbE SFP, 4G Combo, 4-slot GbE SFP, L2 Managed Switch


MEN-3410   8-port 10/100/1000, 2-slot Gigabit SFP, L2 Managed Switch





 Right Ethernet for Small Business Network 02


The requirement of SMB networking includes high valued Ethernet with full-form fiber support to achieve network redundancy. As the SMBs are not very strong with capital expenditure and also the requirement is not so vast, so the solution needs to be cost-effective with less OPEX.






Volktek’s Solutions

● For the SMB network, Volktek provides cost-effective low port density solution with sufficient software
   features which in turn reduce their OPEX

● An affordable and reliable infrastructure that is easy to implement, for example, Volktek Ethernet
   solution is suitable for both ring and star topology that ensures an always available network with less

● Higher bandwidth capacity with comprehensive QoS features for better delivery of mission-critical
   traffics such as voice and video

● Supportive battery backup to handle emergency power failures since the SMBs relies on city utility
   power which is very unstable



Product Applied

MEN-5428  12-port Fiber Switch, 12-slot 100FX SFP, 2-slot 100FX/GbE SFP, L2  Managed Switch





03 Affordable Ethernet Solution for Convenient Stores


The business volume of the convenient store is not so large; hence they require low port density affordable Gigabit solution which can power up a small number of APs. The solution needs to be up for 24/7 to increase the incoming customer satisfaction who are allowed to use convenient stores internet service.






Volktek’s Solutions

● Gigabit bandwidth networking with advanced software and hardware features that reduces the OPEX

● Link redundancy with Multi-rate SFP for easy uplink connectivity provides the flexible option to choose
   various bandwidth type depending upon the customer requirements

● The compact and slim design which can easily deploy inside the field cabinet and customer premises, no
   need to pay any money for extra infrastructure which in turn saves CAPEX

● Redundant power supply by both AC and DC with supportive battery backup, handling the accidental
   power failure



Product Applied

MEN-3406  4-port 10/100/1000, 2-slot 100FX/GbE SFP,  L2 Managed Switch