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Service Providers

The goal of a service provider is to provide reliable and scalable connectivity at low cost with guarantee of customer satisfaction and reasonable profit margin. Volktek provides new-generation products and market-proven solutions with advanced architecture to deliver reliable and always-available connectivity with low s OPEX (operation expenditure) and high ROI (return of investment).



● High bandwidth connectivity for high volume data transmission.
● Power failure safeguard.
● Advanced features with low OPEX.
● Securable network infrastructure.
● Zero tolerance on downtime.


Beneficial Features

● Huge bandwidth networking from 1G to 10G with advanced L2 and basic L3 features.
● Redundant power supply with both AC and DC and battery backup.
● Intelligent hardware features such as Hardware Monitoring, Cable tester, Dying Gasp for fast trouble
● PoE+ functionality for 1 to 24 ports.
● Dual flash memory spaces for storage of firmware code and configuration files.