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The network architecture for the business, mobile back hull, and residential network requirements need to be carefully planned and designed to reduce risks as well as an increase in flexibility and reliability. Providing the right solution for the property developers, Volktek offers future-proof Metro Ethernet products and market-proven solutions including Aggregation, Access, and CPEs to meet the growing expectation of residents moving into new developments.




● High bandwidth connectivity to handle high

   voluminous data transmission

● Can deal with power failure issue

● Advanced features which can help to reduce the


● Securable network infrastructure

● Zero tolerance downtime



Beneficial Features

● Support huge bandwidth networking from 1G to 10G, exhibiting advanced L2 and basic L3 features

● Redundant power supply by both AC and DC with supportive battery backup

● Intelligent hardware features like Hardware Monitoring, Cable tester, Dying Gasp helps in faster trouble-

● Complying with PoE+ functionality starting from 1-24 port product design

● Dual flash memory spaces to store the same firmware code and configuration file. If primary fails, backup
    one can be immediately activated which reduce extra effort and OPEX to regenerate the file again.

● Remotely manage from control Room, no need to send any engineer physically to the customer site,
    resulting minimization of OPEX and increase in customer satisfaction

● Anti-theft Device Locking feature, protecting the switch from getting stolen and reused                       

● Auto-provisioning for zero-touch up-gradation and installation of firmware and configuration

● Redundant ring topology to establish an always available network

● Comprehensive QoS and security functions for timely and confidential delivery of voice, video, and data

● Ethernet loop detection with auto recovery timer

● The compact and slim design which can easily place inside the field side cabinet