Currently, the entire retail world becomes automated for faster customer request processing, keeping ahead in the competitive market as well as letting the customer feel a smarter and safer experience of shopping. That makes the retailers deploy more and more technologies such as RFID, barcode readers, and various IoT equipment including Wi-Fi facility and security solutions for protection against any unwanted threats. To establish a smarter and safer shopping and business environment, a secure, reliable and cost-efficient Ethernet solution is needed which is fulfilled by Volktek’s extensive range of industrial PoE+ product line, fulfilling every requirement of the retail market including headquarter, regional center, shopping mall, small and medium stores.




Highly integrated and cost-effective networks

Secure communication from the network backbone all the way out to the network edge

Compatibility with automated and IoT devices

● PoE functionality eliminating the cost of an external power source to power up IP camera, VoIP
   phones and
 Wi-Fi APs

Gigabit bandwidth for supporting high volume data transmission



Beneficial Features

Industrial protocol compatibility for easy integration with existing IT infrastructure, no need of any extra


Intelligent PoE functionality with PD-alive checking features, saving troubleshooting time and on-site

   inspections. The PoE scheduling helps for energy saving that you can power off some of the IP cameras

   or Wi-Fi APs, when there use is not so necessary

Extensive security feature to protect your credential information getting hacked

VIP Port Functionality to provide uninterrupted services for necessary devices at the important locations

Redundant power for non-stop operation

Support Gigabit speed for high voluminous real-time data transmission

Hardened design allows the device can sustain any harsh enclosing environment

Easily managed through web GUI without the need of any expertise

Redundant ring topology to operate the Device in maximum uptime

Can be remotely monitored from the control room with extendible fiber functionality

15Kv ESD protection especially important for carpeted retail locations where disruptions caused by static

   discharge is a constant challenge