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Protect Your Assets - MEN-3510 Jan.03, 2019

Dear Customers,


Volktek presents you MEN-3510, the revolutionary, cost-effective, future-proof managed Metro Ethernet access switch. This is a true revolution in the development of broadband network devices. It has advanced USB port for auto firmware upgrade and a safety cabinet locking system   for last-mile protection of the device, thus reducing   your OPEX. Other preeminent features include:

- Easy plug-n-play firmware upgrade - Configuration & Syslog backup regardless of time and place  
- Alarm activated when any non-owner opens the switch cabinet  
- SNMP trap message stored in Syslog for analysis
- Battery charging level indication and low voltage alert
- Link aggregation and ring redundancy for sub-milliseconds network recovery
- Cutting-edge security features such as RADIUS, IP source guard, and port security


Volktek has dominated the market with innovative broadband, surveillance, and automation products for more than 23 years. We constantly set new standards and protocols for our products. We care about your satisfaction and are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.


Volktek Corporation