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Volktek switches receive Marine, Railway and Power Substation certifications Feb.21, 2019

Dear Customers,

Volktek presents you new products that are certified with DNV_GL (for marine), EN 50155, EN 50121-4 and EN 61373 (for railway), IEEE 1613, and IEC 61850-3 (for power substation). These switches are perfectly suited for marine, railway, and electric power substation applications. They also meet the demands of industrial automation and surveillance systems and are reliable, secure, and easy to use.


Prominent features include:

- Easy plug-n-play firmware upgrade and Configuration & Syslog backup through USB port.

- Easy to integrate with Modbus TCP industrial devices.

- High power budget to provide 30W power on all ports.

- Intelligent PoE features.

- Link aggregation and ring redundancy for sub-millisecond network recovery.

- Security features such as RADIUS, IP source guard, and TACACS+.

- Level 4 surge and ESD protection.


Volktek has dominated the market with innovative broadband, surveillance, and automation products for more than 23 years. We constantly set new standards and protocols for our products. We care about your satisfaction and are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.



Volktek Corporation