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Shoreline Surveillance


Industrial Grade PoE+ Solution for Reliable Sea-side Surveillance



Every day thousands of visitors are going to the sea-side location for their vacation and relaxation. It is the responsibility of every country’s Government to protect their citizen as well as the visitors from any threats, crime or vandal. Hence, the implementation of 24/7 security around the seashore is much needed which can meet various challenges of marine environments such as extreme operating temperatures, high humidity and corrosion, high shock and vibration establishing the high degree of network redundancy imparting a safe and reliable surveillance.




Volktek’s Solutions

● Remarkable DNV and GL certification with vibration-proof, corrosion-free and high temp. tolerance
   from -40°C~70°C, that ensures reliable operation in seaside environments

● PoE+ functionality eliminates the need for an extra power source which saves your CAPEX  and
   complying with intelligent PD Alive-Checking for PD’s working status monitoring where one can
   monitor PD’s working status remotely without sending an engineer to visit on-site, reduces
   management burden and OPEX.

● Redundant DC power with an innovative hardened design with the lock-type 4-pin power connector
   and adjustable DIN-Rail power holder that prevent power failure due to loosening connection

● Volktek switches are designed with various ring protocols like STP, RSTP, MSTP, Xpress Ring and
   ERPS where the network failure is recovered in the timescale of milliseconds, this ensures non-stop
   transmission of real-time video and data



Products Applied

MEN-4532  28-port Fiber Switch, 20-slot 100FX/GbE SFP, 4-port Gigabit Combo, 4-slot Gigabit SFP, L2 Managed Switch

IEN-8608P-24V  8-port 10/100/1000 802.3at PoE, Managed Switch





Rugged Surveillance Solution

for Shipyard Surveillance            02

Today’s offshore networking is becoming automated in the field surveillance which helps the monitoring people to keep an eye on entire shipyard function through IP cameras.  The challenges of shipyard surveillance application include the harsh environmental conditions that have extreme operating temperatures, heavy moisture, heavy EMI, erosion, extensive shock, and vibration. Hence, industrial grade reliability is much necessary for in-ship surveillance.



Volktek’s Solutions

● DNV and GL certification to operate seamlessly in extreme operating temperatures, heavy moisture,
   heavy EMI, erosion, extensive shock, and vibration

● PoE+ functionality with Gigabit backbone to satisfy the constant and growing demand for high-
   bandwidth, real-time video, voice, and data communications

● Remote monitoring capacity with easy network management by using a user-friendly web GUI with a
   single click

● Future-proof fiber connectivity for long distance transmission from the shipyard to control Room



Product Applied

INS-8648M  8x10/100/1000 RJ45 & 4xGbE SFP, Managed Switch