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End-of-Sale and End-of-Life for the Unmanaged Switch INS-8405

2022-02-08 Product News

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Dear Customers,

Through this notice, we announce the End of Sale (EoS) and End of Life (EoL) for INS-8405 with the release of two new successor models.


INS-8405A and INS-8405E, basic and premium models respectively, have been introduced into our product selection. Based on their version, the models now include traffic control and advanced industrial QoS priority features.


The EoS & EoL dates are as listed in the table below. We will continue to provide support to purchased products and abide by our established warranty and RMA policies. The end-of-life date indicates the date beyond which component replacement will not be undertaken.



The new successors are INS-8405A and INS-8405E


For any inquiry regarding this product phase-out and new product transition, please contact your Volktek Account Manager as soon as possible.

Volktek remains committed to offering excellent customer service, quality products, and on-time delivery. We apologize for any convenience caused and appreciate your understanding.


Volktek Corporation