The following products are no longer being sold or supported.
EOS (End-of-Sale)
Model Name Substituted Product
HMC-672 series HMC-672E
HMC-652 series HMC-672E
IEN-8428 Woodpecker 7015-8GT2GS
INS-8648P IEN-8648PA
INS-8608P IEN-8608PA-24V
NSH-3428P Hawkeye 9005
NSH-2410P NSH-3410P
MEN-9632 MEN-4532
MEN-6532 MEN-4532
MEN-6328 MEN-4532
MEN-5214 MEN-5428
IRF-633 N/A
NGF-762A NGF-762E
INS-8405 INS-8405A
INS-8405 INS-8405E
EOL (End-of-Life)
Model Name Substituted Product
INS-8348P N/A
NSH-2926 MEN-5428
MEN-5632 MEN-4532
MEN-5528 MEN-5428
MEN-5512 MEN-3410
MEN-5509 MEN-3410
INS-803A INS-8528
INS-8422P INS-8424P
INS-8622P INS-8624P
IMC-562P IMC-561P
IMC-662P IMC-661P
NHL-2140 N/A
NHL-2040F N/A
NHL-2040B N/A
INS-8405 INS-8405A
INS-8405 INS-8405E




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