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Warranty and RMA Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish the warranty and service procedures for Volktek products in relation to distributor and System Integrator handling of RMA cases.


This policy applies to all Volktek Corp. products.


DOA (Dead on Arrival): Products are considered DOA if conclusive tests, conducted within 60 days of the invoice date, result in No Display.

Warranty Period and Procedure
Industrial Grade 5 Years
Hardened Grade 3 Years
Commercial Grade 2 Years
Accessories, Power Supply, SFPs 1 Years
Media Converters and Other Products *Please contact customer service
Term and Condition

The warranty does not cover damage resulting from misuse, accidental damage, abnormal overloading use, negligence, abuse, revisions, improper setup, illegal repair or revisions, improper testing, over temperature/humidity specification, power surges, power spikes, power loss, natural disasters, or acts of God. The warranty also does not apply to consumable accessories or second-hand products

Products with missing or damaged serial number labels are not covered by the warranty.

No replacements will be provided if Volktek determines that the returned DOA products are functioning correctly after testing. In this case, the customer will be responsible for the shipping costs of the non-defective DOA products.

DOA (Defective On Arrival)

DOA products should be returned to the original packaging and with all original accessories (cables and manual). Otherwise, the products will be considered RMA (Return as received).

Repair of in-warranty RMA products is free of charge for both labor costs and components within the warranty. However, repair fees will be charged if the repairs are necessary due to improper handling and/or utilization. Additionally, component costs will be charged separately.

After repairs are completed, a warranty covering the same failure symptom will be in effect for 6 months. If the problem is due to improper handling and/or utilization, even within the warranty period, the customer will be charged for the repair fees.

The customer is responsible for both the shipping method and shipping costs of RMA products being returned to Volktek. Volktek will cover both the shipping method and shipping costs of RMA products in the warranty period being sent back to the customer. Shipping costs for returning out-of-warranty RMA products are the responsibility of the customer.

Volktek has the right to reject repair services for products no longer in warranty. If Volktek chooses to provide repair services, the customer will be charged for the repair fees and component fees. Additionally, the customer will be responsible for all shipping costs.




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