Success Stories
PoE+ Switches for HD Indoor Surveillance Systems in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A five-star hotel in Kuala Lumpur decided to upgrade its security levels by implementing multiple IP surveillance cameras on each floor to stream audio and real-time HD video.  Volktek’s hardened PoE+ switches with PoE+ capacity up to 30W per port and IP30 compact fan-less designs were used to construct a secure and reliable surveillance system.
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PoE+ Switches for Outdoor Surveillance Systems in Pattaya, Thailand
Pattaya, Thailand is a popular tourist destination with over 8 million tourists per year.  To ensure their safety, the city government expanded the surveillance systems with centralized management and 24/7 operation.  Volktek’s Industrial Managed PoE+ Switches, INS-8648P, with PoE+ capacity up to 30W per port, IP30 compact fan-less designs and reinforced temperature and humidity range (up to 75°C, 95% non-condensing) were used to operate over 1400 PoE IP cameras.
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High Temperatures Resistant Equipment with PoE+ Solution for Outdoor Surveillance in Manila, The Philippines
Temperature in Manila, Philippines can often exceed 40°C during the warmer months, requiring ruggedized outdoor networking and surveillance equipment or high temperature and humidity ranges.  Volktek’s Industrial Managed PoE Switches, INS-8648PA, were deployed with each device controlling multiple PoE IP cameras.
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Tunnel Safety and Surveillance — Redundant Network with Robust Devices in Malaga, Spain
    Sector:    Surveillance Project:    Tunnel Security Location:  Malaga, Spain     Background Accidents in tunnels are some of the most dangerous road accidents recorded because of their structure, an explosion could cause significant damage. The propagation of smoke can cause poor visibility and a lack of oxygen. For the prevention of accidents and quick action during an emergency, surveillance, communication, and information systems need to be deployed along the tunnels’ interior and entrance. A Spanish institution needed to deploy an IP network with lighting systems, IP cameras, and digital signage, and VoIP phones along the tunnel, which require a stable LAN connection in a remote location.   Challenges This customer needed to enable remote Ethernet access from the tunnel to the control center all year round without interruptions. The tunnels are located in Malaga, Spain, a city only 130 km across the Ocean from Northern Africa, with a subtropical-Mediterranean climate characteristic of very hot summers. Tunnels present unfavorable conditions for networking and electronic devices such as constant vibration, humidity, and high temperature.   Volktek Solution INS-8528 Managed Industrial Network switches were used to solve this issue. The components are resistant to harsh environments, high vibration, electromagnetic discharge, and high temperatures.     The 8 copper ports with multi-rate speed allowed phones, signals, and cameras to connect in the same interface while having different speed requirements. The 2 SFP ports for uplink, enabled high bandwidth and uninterrupted noise-free fiber transmission of data to more than 100km, to build a ring topology with network redundancy with the capacity to recover quickly if the network collapses. When the network can be accessed remotely if it needs management, The Redundant Power and Alarm System ensures the continuous operation of the network during power outages connecting to an alternative emergency power source and sends alarms through the network when events take place.     Scalable network with fiber uplink for maximum distance transmission and speed. Ring topology with X-Press ring feature recovers in milliseconds. Network segment by VLAN, IGMP for effective port utilization. Redundant power inputs with power isolation to provide an emergency alternative when the main power source fails. Can be stored in a roadside cabinet thanks to its compact size.     Conclusion The solution can operate all year round thanks to its rugged hardware features, redundant power to assure it is always on, and Ring topology to make sure that data transmit with no interruption. If the devices needed to be replaced or the network needed expansion the solution offers simple scalability to change its size.
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Success Story: Volktek collaborated with Singapore to enhance the process of transferring surveillance data
  Volktek collaborated with Singapore to solve crucial challenges in the city's surveillance infrastructure, ultimately enhancing data transition for improved security measures by implementing Volktek PoE Ethernet switches.   Project background   Singapore City Surveillance System Facing the Digital Transformation Challenge Singapore was facing two crucial problems; one was to enhance its internet speed, and the other was to solve the complex cables between surveillance and streetlamps. In order to achieve digital transformation successfully, Singapore was looking for a solution to approach the goal of becoming a Smart City. It urgently needed cutting-edge technology to implement robust city surveillance. Therefore, it was searching for a trusted brand of Ethernet switches to connect with devices and control centers.   A central aspect of this initiative involved the strategic installation of Volktek IEN-8648PA industrial-grade switches within the cabinets of street lamps, revolutionizing the way smart city surveillance is conducted.   Solution   IEN-8648PA PoE Ethernet Switch Smart Connectivity: Required Data Transmission Capabilities The IEN-8648PA is a high-performance managed 8-port 10/100/1000 GbE PoE+ downlink and 4 GbE SFP uplink switch primarily designed for surveillance applications with remote and fast management. Volktek IEN-8648PA switches ensure the smooth and secure flow of data. These switches facilitate real-time data transmission, enabling authorities to respond swiftly to potential security threats. The industrial-grade design ensures rapid data transmission and minimal latency, crucial for real-time surveillance.   Powering data connectivity with less complexity Volktek was privileged to collaborate on this project. The IEN-8648PA played an important role in enhancing the connectivity of Singapore's City Surveillance Solution. The IEN-8648PA was designed to support Power over Ethernet (PoE), a technique for delivering DC power to devices over copper Ethernet cabling, thus eliminating the need for separate power supplies and outlets. This reduced the number of wires, providing a clearer space in city design.   Attis 5100-24GT2GS Deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds with exceptional performance Attis 5100-24GT2GS was built with 2 x FX/GbE dual-rate SFP uplink ports for long-distance connectivity. It is a high-port density managed access switch designed to deliver Gigabit Ethernet speeds with exceptional performance for a high-density subscriber base with a high ARPU. The control room was not only able to deliver internet to other IEN-8648PA switches but also managed other surveillance remotely.   Result Industrial-Grade Switch Integration The core of this innovative approach lies in the seamless integration of IEN-8648PA switches into the street lamp cabinets along roads. Renowned for their industrial reliability and advanced functionalities, these switches play a crucial role in powering the surveillance infrastructure. The implementation assisted in solving the data transmission and cable complexity issues that enhanced Singapore's transition to a smart city.   In conclusion, the integration of IEN-8648PA industrial-grade switches into the lamp cabinets on street roads marks a significant leap forward in Singapore's City Surveillance Solution. This innovative approach not only enhances the efficiency of data transmission but also contributes to the overall safety and security of the city, aligning with Singapore's commitment to being a smart and secure urban environment.    
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Unleashing the Power of Volktek's Advanced Solutions
Unleashing the Power of Volktek's Advanced Solutions   Project Overview In 2023, Volktek took a significant leap forward in revolutionizing the Metro System by implementing a comprehensive system upgrade. This involved integrating cutting-edge networking solutions, including the deployment of the 6500-24GS4XS and enhancing substations with the Industrial Switch IEN-8648PA and 9060-4GP2GS. The latter is a high-performance managed switch designed for surveillance applications with remote and fast management.   Substation Upgrade: Creating a Robust Ring Network Volktek upgraded substations by deploying the Industrial Switch IEN-8648PA and 9060-4GP2GS. These high-performance switches, featuring Power over Ethernet (PoE++) and 2-port GbE SFP uplink, established a robust ring network for continuous connectivity and operational resilience.   6500-24GS4XS-C Elevating Network Bandwidth Demands Volktek introduced the 6500-24GS4XS-C, a high-performance switch designed to meet the escalating network bandwidth demands between stations. This 20-port switch incorporates a 10G backbone, significantly enhancing data transfer speeds for a seamless and rapid transit experience. Key Benefits of the 10G Backbone Increased Data Transfer Speeds: Facilitating faster data transfer between stations, reducing latency, and improving overall system responsiveness. Enhanced User Experience: Providing a smoother and more reliable network connection for internet users between stations.   IEN-8648PA Industrial-grade managed PoE+ switch with 8-port PSE (power sourcing equipment) ports for controlling all remote powered devices, including IP Phones, Point of Sales, Monitor Sensors, Wireless, IP cameras, and Access Control.   Hawkeye 9060-4GP2GS Managed switch designed for high-energy demanding IP surveillance and monitoring applications in modern smart systems. It supplies 60/90 Watts, collects real-time environmental data through digital inputs, and features Perpetual- and Fast PoE.   Key Benefits of the Upgrade Redundancy and Reliability The ring network configuration enhances system reliability by providing redundant paths for data transmission, minimizing downtime in the event of a link failure.   Improved Network Efficiency Industrial Switches enable efficient data transfer, optimizing network performance for stable connections in critical systems.   LACP Functionality: Enhancing Link Aggregation Volktek implemented the Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) functionality across the upgraded infrastructure. LACP enhances network bandwidth and provides load balancing, ensuring an even distribution of traffic across multiple links for optimal performance.   Perpetual and Fast PoE Perpetual POE The Perpetual POE provides uninterrupted power to connected powered device (PD) even when the power sourcing equipment (PSE) switch is booting. This innovative capability eliminates power disruptions during switch reboots, guaranteeing a continuous and reliable power source for connected devices.   Fast PoE With fast PoE, the switch saves PoE power settings across a reboot. It powers on the PD once the PSE starts booting—within a few seconds of switching on power—without waiting for the boot process to complete. This rapid activation of devices contributes to improved operational efficiency.   Synergy Perpetual PoE and Fast PoE operate independently of each other but synergistically contribute to power reliability. In scenarios where Perpetual PoE faces challenges, such as power cycles or failures, Fast PoE steps in to swiftly restore power to PDs. This dynamic interplay ensures a robust and resilient power infrastructure in diverse operational conditions.   About Volktek Volktek is a leading provider of industrial networking solutions, committed to delivering high-quality, robust, and reliable products that drive innovation in industrial automation and control systems. With a focus on Profinet compatibility, Volktek is shaping the future of industrial networking.
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A Singapore Mass Rapid Transit Success Story
Project Overview Modernizing Infrastructure for Efficiency and Safety Volktek embarked on a groundbreaking project aimed at revolutionizing safety and services within the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit. The introduction of innovative networking solutions, including the NSH-542 (8-Port 10/100Base-TX Managed Switch), NXF-742TS-20 (10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Single Fiber Media Converter, 20km Transmitter), and NXF-742RS-20 (10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX Single Fiber Media Converter, 20km WDM TX 1550nm/RX 1310nm Receiver), marked an unparalleled leap forward in transit connectivity.   These technological advancements paved the way for a transformative era in transit connectivity, with a focused approach on connecting main stations and deploying solutions for the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Systems.   The primary goal of the project was to enhance connectivity between two main stations within the Singapore MRT by implementing the NSH-542 8-Port Managed Switch along with the 20km Single-mode Media Converter. Simultaneously, the LRT Systems, namely Sengkang LRT and Punggol LRT, were equipped with Volktek's 20 km media converter and 8-Port managed switch. This strategic deployment successfully improved overall transit efficiency and connectivity, ensuring a seamless experience for commuters.   NSH-542 Fiber Connection for Enhanced Transit  Volktek's NSH-542, combined with the NXF-742TS-20 and NXF-742RS-20, introduced Fiber connectivity into the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit. This transformative move allowed for seamless data transmission, providing a reliable and efficient transit experience. The integration of these advanced components significantly extended the reach of internetwork communication to a distance of up to 20km.   Streamlined Deployment and Space Efficiency The NSH-542's sleek and compact design made it an ideal solution for deployment in locations with limited space. Its user-friendly features simplified the deployment process, whether managed through an 'in-band' SNMP management station, Internet web browser, or 'out-of-band' via the RS-232 console port. This ease of deployment enhanced overall network management and facilitated efficient monitoring and troubleshooting.   Network Monitoring Made Easy With versatile management options, the NSH-542 facilitated network monitoring through both 'in-band' and 'out-of-band' methods. This adaptability empowered administrators to oversee the system seamlessly, ensuring a high level of operational visibility. Whether accessed through SNMP management or console port connectivity, the NSH-542 contributed to a robust and reliable metro system.   NXF-742TS-20 / NXF-742RS-20  Fiber Brilliance, Uniting Distances   NXF-742TS-20 Single Fiber Media Converter (Transmitter) This media converter played a crucial role in extending the network reach over a distance of 20 km. The transmitter's capability to convert signals from 10/100Base-TX to 100Base-FX ensured reliable and high-speed data transmission.   NXF-742RS-20 Single Fiber Media Converter (Receiver) Another integral component, this media converter provided a solution for seamless communication between the main stations and the LRT Systems. Its Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) technology allowed for efficient bidirectional data transmission over a 20km range.   Project Impact The integration of Volktek's networking solutions into the Singapore Mass Rapid Transit has resulted in a transformed transit experience. The Sengkang LRT line and Punggol LRT line have particularly benefited from this modernization, with enhanced connectivity and extended reach. Passengers now experience a safer and more efficient metro system, thanks to the streamlined deployment, improved network monitoring, and the introduction of Fiber connectivity.   In conclusion, the collaboration between Volktek and the Singapore Metro System stands as a testament to the successful implementation of cutting-edge networking solutions. This case study highlights the positive impact of technology on public transit, showcasing a model for other metro systems worldwide to consider for their future enhancements. The journey from project initiation to the present exemplifies a triumph in transit connectivity, creating a blueprint for success in the evolving landscape of urban transportation.
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Volktek Helps Detect Aircraft Routine to Avoid Crash Risk
The airport was searching for a solution to explore the indispensable role of the Aircraft Detection Lighting System (ADLS) within wind farm environments and enhance its overall data transmission to fortify safety and regulatory compliance. The solution focused on how ADLS ensures aircraft visibility and safety within designated airspace through radar technology, obstruction lighting, and comprehensive infrastructure, in compliance with FAA regulations (Federal Aviation Administration).   Solution In the intricate web of wind farm operations, reliable connectivity serves as the cornerstone of efficiency and safety. Applied the Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch, a robust solution designed to seamlessly interconnect every device within the wind farm infrastructure. The Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch played a pivotal role in enhancing connectivity, reliability, and operational efficiency, particularly highlighting its unique advantage of operating in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C.   Great Integration and Compatibility The Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I is a full-managed industrial switch designed for communication between controllers and devices in automation settings; in this case, it is connected to SCADA, a database center, a radar tower, and a remote control room.   Comprehensive Device Integration: The Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch serves as the backbone of connectivity, facilitating seamless integration of a diverse range of devices, including PLCs, HMIs, radar units, wind turbines, SCADA systems, and more.   Efficient Data Transmission: With its 8 x 10/100/1000 RJ45 ports, the Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch ensures swift and reliable data transmission among industrial devices, enabling real-time monitoring and control.   Long-Distance Connectivity: Featuring 2 x GbE SFP uplink ports, the Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch enables long-distance connectivity to control devices such as wind turbines and SCADA systems, ensuring smooth communication across vast wind farm expanses.   Reliable Power and Connectivity: Optimized Power Distribution: The Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch efficiently distributes power to connected devices, ensuring consistent and reliable operation throughout the wind farm.   Enhanced Network Reliability Leveraging the wind farm's fiber optic network, the Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch enhances network reliability, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency even in challenging environmental conditions.   The Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch emerges as a vital enabler of connectivity within wind farm operations. With its robust design, efficient data transmission capabilities, and unique advantage of operating in extreme temperatures ranging from -40°C to 75°C, this switch enhances operational efficiency, safety, and regulatory compliance. As wind energy continues to advance, the reliability and versatility of the Volktek Woodpecker 9015-8GT2GS-I Switch ensure the continued success and sustainability of wind farm operations, even in the harshest environmental conditions.
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