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Reliable “Woodpecker” solutions are designed for demanding industrial applications.

2022-07-26 Product News

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Reliable "Woodpecker" solutions are designed for demanding industrial applications.


By definition, an industrial network requires geographical distribution of the physical measurement I/O and sensors or functional distribution of applications. Because industrial networks work with several devices on the same line, it is easier to add a new device to existing systems.


Woodpecker Series is an industrial Ethernet switches are designed to meet the needs of future industrial data communication networks. Woodpecker offer a broad range of solutions for every industrial network requirement and will include devices for specific industry applications.


Woodpecker 7015 Series, 7015-8GT2GS-I, are full Gigabit unmanaged Plug & Play Switches and 2 SFP (Small Form factor Pluggable) slots. Woodpecker 8015 Series, 8015-8GT-I and 8015-8GT2GS-I, are lite managed Switched that come with free software Platform of quick installed wizard.


Woodpecker 9015 Series, 9015-8GT2GS and 9015-16GT-I, are industrial Managed switches with Secure Remote Management Control and Network Monitoring Tool. This device is tested and certified for safe use in harsh production environments with strong magnetic fields or unstable power supply.




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