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The vital acorn of the Ethernet - Build your future based on a solid foundation

2022-09-20 Product News

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The vital acorn of the Ethernet

Build your future based on a solid foundation


We all heard of an old saying, “great oaks from little acorns grow”. A prospective business can’t succeed without a well-organized Ethernet infrastructure. Despite knowing this truth, corporates are still in the dilemma between investment and return. Being the leading brand of an industrial switch, Volktek has noticed those start-up companies’ concerns and decided to do a favor for future unicorns. Recognizing the new Atthis models Atthis 4130-8GT and Atthis 4100-24GT2GS.


The Atthis 4130-8GT is an 8-port GbE unmanaged switch that offers an economical way for SOHO and SMB to benefit from the increased bandwidth of GbE Ethernet. Its 100m transmission range could perfectly cover SOHO and SMB’s workplace area. Its compact size and fan-less feature give users more creativity in device deployment. You may put it on your PC or hide it inside the cabinet in line with the overall office aesthetic.


The 4100-24GT2GS-A-C is a 24-port GbE RJ45 and 2 GbE SFP unmanaged switch that offers a quick and easy way to extend your office network at fast gigabit Ethernet speeds. The dense 24 ports not only help build the fundamental network system for the mid-scale office but also save the cost and space of buying multiple 4 to 8 ports switches. It simplifies the system construction and each port has an LED indicator to inform the status. The rack mount design allows the user to install the device along with other equipment in the network room, so the IT team could configure and maintain the system more conveniently. The 2 SFP ports give long-distance transmission and flexibility for future network expansion.


In addition, all of the new Atthis series support plug-and-play installation that requires no additional software support. Simply plug your network-ready devices into one of the available Ethernet ports and you could start your business.


We all know that everything is difficult in the very beginning, but with the support from Atthis, it will be on the right track. Volktek’s Atthis series will be your most reliable and efficient acron to help your business grow.




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