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Volktek has sponsored the basketball team of Yongping Elementary School

2023-02-23 ESG at Volktek

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Yongping Elementary School is located near the border of Xinyi District and Zhonghe District in the west of Yonghe District, adjacent to the south bank of the Xindian River and near Yonghe Ren'ai Park. The campus covers an area of 3.78 hectares, and the school buildings and teaching facilities are complete. The school was founded in 1982, and has been operating for more than 30 years under the joint management of the principal and teachers. Currently (academic year 2019), there are 99 regular classes, 4 classes for art and talent, 2 classes for sports, 1 class for special education, 8 resource classes, and 8 kindergarten classes, with a total of about 3,000 students including kindergarten, making it a large school with over 100 classes.


Under the management of previous principals, Yongping Elementary School has followed educational policies and objectives, the principal's educational philosophy, teachers' professionalism, student needs, parental expectations, and community characteristics. Through communication and discussion, the school has formed a consensus among parents, teachers, and students, shaping the school's vision of "Vibrant Campus, Happy Yongping." This has been integrated into the national 9-year integrated curriculum and the implementation of an overall school development plan, with the goal of developing students holistically in "truth, kindness, and beauty," and cultivating well-rounded children with balanced development in the five aspects of education, namely nature, culture, ability, health, and humanity.


While building upon its existing foundation, the school continues to promote moral education, food education, basketball education, diverse extracurricular activities, and art education. The school has a basketball team, basketball club, after-school basketball camp, and school-based basketball curriculum, providing all-around basketball education.


In recent years, Volktek has supported various basketball events in Taiwan through a variety of sponsorship methods, and for the first time, has sponsored the basketball team of Yongping Elementary School. By promoting basketball events for all age groups, Volktek hopes to convey its brand's passion for sports.




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