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Xpress Ring: Network Reliability with Rapid Recovery

2023-12-07 Product News

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Xpress Ring Protocol by Volktek: Unmatched Speed and Efficiency



In the ever-evolving landscape of networking solutions, Volktek is proud to unveil the Xpress Ring, a cutting-edge, fast-acting, self-healing ring recovery technology designed to empower networks with unparalleled resilience. Boasting an impressive recovery time of within 20 milliseconds, the Xpress Ring ensures swift and seamless network restoration, setting a new standard for reliability in the industry.


Key Features:

The Xpress Ring operates with a sophisticated dual-role architecture. Within the network, one Switch assumes the critical role of Arbiter, while the others function as Forwarder Switches. This intelligent division ensures optimal performance and responsiveness.


The Arbiter Switch strategically designates one of its ring ports to a blocking state during normal operation, preventing the formation of loops within the network. In the event of a link breakdown, the blocked port swiftly transitions to a forwarding state, enabling uninterrupted network flow.


Normal Operation: The secondary port of the Arbiter remains blocked, ensuring the network's stability and preventing potential loops.


Link Breakdown: Upon detecting a broken link, nodes communicate the failure through link-fault message packets, prompting the Arbiter to unblock the secondary port and set it to forwarding state. This process occurs in less than 20 milliseconds.


Link Recovery: Once the faulty link is restored, the Arbiter resumes normal operation by blocking its secondary port, ensuring a seamless return to optimal network conditions


Volktek Proprietary Ring Protocol:

The Xpress Ring leverages Volktek's proprietary ring protocol, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in networking solutions. This protocol delivers a host of benefits, including:


Highly Reliable Network: The Xpress Ring guarantees a highly reliable network, minimizing the risk of disruption


Rapid Recovery: With a recovery time within milliseconds, the technology significantly reduces network downtime costs and ensures minimal impact on operations.


24/7 Uptime: Businesses can now enjoy round-the-clock network uptime, providing a stable foundation for critical operations.


Volktek's Xpress Ring redefines network reliability by offering a swift, intelligent, and resilient solution. Embrace the future of networking with Xpress Ring and experience the peace of mind that comes with a network that adapts and recovers in the blink of an eye.


About Volktek

Volktek is a leading provider of industrial networking solutions, committed to delivering high-quality, robust, and reliable products that drive innovation in industrial automation and control systems. With a focus on Profinet compatibility, Volktek is shaping the future of industrial networking.




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