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Volktek Contribute back to Nantou County

2024-01-31 ESG at Volktek

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To benefit the residents of Nantou County, Volktek Corp. has generously donated a long-term care vehicle to the Nantou County Government. This generous contribution is aimed at addressing the rapid aging of Taiwan's population and the increasing demand for long-term care services. According to the latest statistics from the Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan has entered an aging society, with four counties and cities officially entering the super-aging society last year, among which Taipei City ranks second in terms of the highest aging population among the six municipalities.


The National Development Council predicts that Taiwan will enter a super-aging society by 2025, with one in every five individuals being aged 65 or above. With the advent of an aging society, the issue of elderly care becomes more prominent, posing a growing burden on the younger population and potentially affecting the daily lives of entire families.


Based on nationwide statistics, the coverage rate of long-term care services is still below seventy percent. In order to enable more seniors to access care services, enhance their willingness to go outdoors, participate in community programs, and attend daytime elderly care, allowing caregivers to have moments of respite, the role of long-term care vehicles becomes increasingly crucial.


The long-term care vehicle donated by Volktek Corp. will provide more convenient, efficient, and safe transportation services for the residents of Nantou. It is also a tangible implementation of the collaborative efforts from various sectors of society to address the challenges of an aging society. We sincerely appreciate Volktek’s support for social welfare, believing that this benevolent act will bring warmth and care to the community, contributing to the construction of a healthier and more friendly environment in Nantou.




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