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Italian partner presents an interesting project implemented with VOLKTEK switches

2021-01-26 Corporate News

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Security and connectivity for critical infrastructures

HESA presents an interesting project implemented with VOLKTEK switches


A waste treatment plant located in a large area that includes buildings with offices and warehouses requires great attention in terms of security. The operation in question, carried out by the partnering company in Italy, concerns the installation of a new video surveillance system covering an existing warehouse in the complex aimed at adequately monitoring the surrounding areas used for waste processing.


Network switches played a central and very important role in this project. The choice was made upon the range of industrial switches by VOLKTEK distributed in Italy by a partnering company, a leading Italian company in the security sector. The installer chose these switches due to their truly unique electronic and mechanical durability, together with their excellent performance and functionality. The characteristics of these switches make them suitable for use in outdoor environments as well, where mechanical and electrical stresses can be extreme, like in this setting.


To optimize the installation costs, the system was wired by running the optical fiber through the same ducts that house the high voltage. Thanks to their durability and resistance to environmental stress and temperature changes, the switches could be installed directly on the warehouse roof, simplifying installation as much as possible, significantly reducing costs, and positioning the technological equipment far from the ground, where rodents pass and hygiene is generally critical. Thanks to the Lite Managed function, the VOLKTEK switches provide the great option of monitoring and managing the system remotely via the web and via an app, without going on the roof every time to check that the cameras are connected to the switches are functioning properly.


"In the design of technological systems, the importance of choosing switches is often underestimated, considering them almost a mere accessory,” says the distributing company's Product Manager. “Actually they are fundamental data passage points, so an incorrect sizing could compromise the functioning of the whole system.” To meet the needs of security professionals, the distributing company has included in its range of products the entire range of VOLKTEK switches, a world leader in the production of networking for industrial automation marketsvideo surveillance, and urban and residential connectivity. “The project implemented by the collaborating company in a critical setting, from the point of view of the environment and of the work performed on the site, clearly highlights the benefit of using VOLKTEK switches in terms of performance, advantages, and simplicity of installation and management of the entire system, as well as cost-saving.”


"Using the VOLKTEK switches - said the Owner of the collaborating company - turned out to be a winning choice in this project, because it allowed us to simplify the installation, thanks to the possibility of working directly on the roof, where the video surveillance cameras are located. This was possible thanks to the durability against mechanical stress and climatic changes typical of these switches, which are a truly complete and highly valuable solution; for example, they offer the great advantage of being remotely manageable, making it easy to operate in any weather condition. We are very satisfied with the result, and from now on we will continue to use these switches that the distributing company offered to us because they can provide great benefits for the many applications and many settings where we usually implement our projects.”