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Improved Accuracy and Support – Comprehensive Industrial Networks

2021-05-22 Product News

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Improved Accuracy and Support
Comprehensive Networks with Deep Management Features

IoT systems and industrial networks collect and forward data among a large chain of nodes to run automated processes. While data can only be delivered if the network is healthy, the more devices in the network the more prone it is to have intruders and performance issues. Four essential requirements of interconnected industrial infrastructures with multiple types of machinery are density, security, segmentation, and recovery.

To solve these network challenges, Woodpecker 9015-16GT-I is a managed Ethernet solution with software features that meet the needs of large-scale networks.

In-Device Solutions
Cable Testing | Dashboard | Transmission report | Syslog management | Email alarm | MAC Flapping | Topology Map & Link Detection | Per Port VLAN | Loop Protection | Monitoring Tools | Multicast Address | Modbus TCP

For High-Density Networks
All 16 RJ45 ports with Plug & Play feature deliver data at Gigabit Ethernet Speeds (16 x 10/100/1000BASE-T), and connects smaller network segments for better management. It offers VLAN for every port and quality of service to control bandwidth consumption.

When Transmission Data Seems Irregular
Technicians use port statistic reports to understand the behavior of the network. Irregular transmission reports may mean that there is a broken link. The topology map automatically shows when there is a broken link updating the status of the connected devices. Additionally, the Cable Testing function, through Syslog reports tells users about the distance of a broken link.

If Security is a Concern
Security protocols allow only authorized devices to operate in this network including SSH, HTTPs, SNMPv3, 802.1X, TACACS+ all aggregated in a simple Web GUI for technicians to have remote and safe control.

When Quick System Recovery is a Need
Clustered networks keep processes from failing horrendously. A network of Volktek Ethernet switches provides Dual Power Input Support and Alarm systems to provide continuous power to the device and inform of any power failure. In the given case of device connectivity issues, Redundant Ring protocols RSTP/STP gives a network recovery from downtime in milliseconds.

Some of the Applications of Woodpecker 9015-16GT-I