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Closer to What's Important - Remote and Secure Management Wherever You Are

2021-07-09 Product News

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Closer to What's Important

Remote and Secure Management Wherever You Are

Woodpecker 9015-16GT-I is a managed Ethernet solution with hardware and software features that meet the needs of large-scale networks with a high density of devices.

Remote Management and Security

Enhanced network security with TACACS+, SNMPv3, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, and SSH for safe navigation to allow only authorized users.


All features are aggregated in a simple Web GUI to monitor network activity and manage the device.

In-Device Solutions

Reports Technical Issues

Intelligent features to assist technicians to maintain the network layer.


Groups Devices on 16 Individual Networks in one Device

High port density switch of narrow width that offers VLAN per port for applications with a large need of devices.


Protects from Network Intruders

Remotely Managed with safe navigation accessible through the internet.


Resistant and Rugged Structure

High performance in demanding environments, wide temperature range, and security protections against overvoltage, freefall, and vibrations.


Efficient Network

With network redundancy protocols and dual power input and alarm systems to reduce network downtime.






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