Product Highlights
  • 2 x 10/100 RJ45 uplink ports to the control center
  • 4 x Digital Inputs and 4 x Analog Inputs to sensors with back and forth transmission between sensors and device
  • Wi-Fi module for short distance, inexpensive wireless data transmission
  • Redundant Power Supply and Alarm Relay Contact on Terminal Block to ensure non-stop operations
  • Operating temperature -40℃~75℃ (-40°F~167°F)
  • 010110
  • -40°C-75°C
  • 802.11 bgn
  • DIN Rail
  • MQTT
  • VPN
  • WiFi
  • Modbus TCP

IEG-3024-W is an Industrial Gateway that connects various interface and generation devices to an Ethernet network for a reduced CaPex and low OPEX. The 2-port 10/100 RJ45 uplink connects to the control center or to other gateways to make ring connectivity. Using Modbus RTU to TCP, the most common Ethernet communication packets, sensors can have back and forth communication with the device through its digital and analog ports. The device also transmits data over Wi-Fi at maximum lengths between 50 and 100 meters depending on the application setting.

This Gateway is built with industrial-grade components and enclosed in an IP30 case with high thermal conductivity, which protects the device from tools and hazards. Designed to withstand vibration, shock, free fall, interference, and temperatures ranging from -40℃~75℃ (-40°F~167°F), it suits extreme industrial environments. To ensure reliability the redundant power supply and alarm relay contact on the terminal block ensures non-stop operations and issues alerts if power fails. The reset button restores the device to default factory settings if an issue arises after configuration. To ensure reliability the redundant power supply and alarm relay contact on the terminal block ensures non-stop operations and issues alerts if power fails.


Communication through Wi-Fi connection
IEG-3024 supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi wireless band connection, and it can operate in AP mode or client mode or AP+client modes. IEG-3024 also supports SMA connectors
to have external antennas connection flexibility.

Secure and Easy-to-use VPN Connection
Capable of creating a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network), IEG-3024 Series is “VPN client” and can create the VPN tunnel with “VPN server” (Cloud). Using IEG-3024 series, you can instantly access your office resources through a secure VPN connection.

Digital Input and Analog Input 
It has 4 DI and 4 AI input ports to receive analog inputs and digital inputs. The analog input type (Voltage or Current) can be selected using DIP switch.



IEEE 802.3


IEEE 802.3u


IEEE 802.3

Nway Auto-negotiation

IEEE 802.3x

Flow Control

IEEE 802.1AB



Ethernet Interface

2 x LAN 10/100BASE-TX RJ45 ports

Wireless - Wi-Fi

SMA Connector: 1 x 2dBi

Wi-Fi (1T/1R): 802.11 b/g/n

Digital Input

4 x pairs, Wet Contact

Voltage level : On (10V~50VDC), Off (4VDC max)

Input Impedance: 10k ohm

Overcurrent Protection: 7mA@70VDC

Alarm Relay output

24VDC, 1A

Analog Input

4 x pairs

Contact Parameters

Voltage : ±5VDC, ±10VDC, 0~5VDC, 0~10VDC

Current: +4 ~ +20 mA

Resolution: 16bit

Analog Input

Accuracy: 0.1% FSR

Sampling rate: 10Hz

Input Impedance: Voltage: 1M ohm

Overvoltage protection ±20 VDC

Grounding Screw


Reset Button

System reboot:5~10 seconds

Factory default: >10 seconds

Watch Dog




Connector Type: Terminal Block

Input Voltage: 9~48VDC

Dual power Input support

Power Consumpion

System: <6W

LED Panel

PWR,RPS, ALM, Wireless, 100, LNK/ACT

Mechanical and Environment


Metal, IP30


DIN Rail

Operating Temperature

-40ºC~75ºC (-40ºF~167ºF)

Storage Temperature

-40ºC~85ºC (-40ºF~185ºF)

Operating Humidity

5~95% RH (non-condensing)

Storage Humidity

5~95% RH (non-condensing)


515 g (1.14 lb)

(without Antenna)

Dimensions (WxDxH)

31 x 105 x 136mm (1.2 x 4.13 x 5.35 in)

(with AI/DI type)


Ordering Information

Model Description
IEG-3024-W Industrial IoT Gateway With 2-port 10/100 RJ45, 4 port DI/4 port AI, WiFi (802.11 b/g/n)


*Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

File Name Release Date Download
IEG-3024-W Datasheet 0000-00-00
IEG-3024-W Photo 2021-07-01




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