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Internet Solutions to Rural Areas for ISPs | Metro Ethernet Solutions

2022-03-17 Product News

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Solutions for High-Speed Internet in Rural Applications

ISPs can reduce service costs with managed Ethernet switches


In a modern world with an increased need for connection, the internet is a basic fuel to propel the development of rural economies. While citizens look for a reliant internet service adequate to their business needs and consumer demands. Your responsibility as a professional internet service provider is to assure you can provide good quality service at your convenience to keep your clients as your first priority.


Volktek’s solution to bring fast and reliable internet connections to rural areas and real estate development, count on features that solve issues commonly met in the service field such as distance, equipment malfunction, maintenance, and network threats.


The Benefits of Using Volktek’s Managed Broadband Switches


Remote management – No on-site service required

  • Digital interface and command-line management
  • Versatile system configuration via USB (no computer needed)
  • Connection to environmental sensors to protect the devices


Network Reliability – Suitable for Remote Areas

  • Network and power redundancy for continuous operation
  • Over 80km long-distance fiber connection to network backhaul





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