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The all-seeing eye of Ethernet system

2022-09-07 Product News

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The all-seeing eye of Ethernet system:

Collect, Monitor, Guard, and Control your system "SMARTLY"


Volktek, One of the world's leading original design and manufacturing service companies specializes in Ethernet Solution, has unveiled Hawkeye family, Industrial Managed PoE switch to satisfy the need IP camera, Wireless AP application in  industrial applications with new 24-port and 6 Port managed Ethernet switches.


Hawkeye 9005 Series


Managed 24 x 10/100/1000 PoE+ & 2 x FX/GbE SFP Switch, 50°C


Managed 24 x 10/100/1000 PoE+ & 2 x FX/GbE SFP Industrial Switch, 60°C


Managed 24 x 10/100/1000 PoE+ & 2 x FX/GbE SFP Industrial Switch, 70°C


Hawkeye 9060 Series


Managed 4 x 10/100/1000 802.3bt  PoE++ & 2 x FX/GbE SFP Industrial Switch, 360W


Managed 4 x 10/100/1000 802.3bt PoE++ & 2 x FX/GbE SFP Industrial Switch, 240W


Considered PoE's (15W) power supply is getting not enough to satisfy cutting-edge devices' requirement, Volktek started to develop 802.3bt PoE++ switch.


The Hawkeye 9005 is a 24-port GbE PoE+ and 2-port Fx/GbE multi-rate SFP managed industrial PoE switch mainly designed for indoor and outdoor building surveillance applications without air conditioning, for more convenient, reduced, and inexpensive storage.


It also supports several of power input (AC or DC) give customer more flexibilities to build their system. Besides, Its passive cooling system enable Hawkeye 9005 works silently, stably, and reliably in any environments.


The Hawkeye 9060 is a high-performance 4-port GbE PoE++, 2-port GbE SFP and 2-Digital input for sensors managed industrial PoE switch mainly designed for high energy demanding IP surveillance and monitoring applications in the modern smart systems. With up to 90W power supply for each port, it is competent to be used in any high-performance applications. The Din-rail mount design allows user install without difficulties. The unique design for Hawkeye 9060 is "Smart Interactive Systems"; this system will collect data from the environment and control smart applications systems to alert citizens by two digital inputs. This function can be apply in many applications such as pollution control on streets, pandemic control applications like thermal monitoring systems to achieve "SMART" concept.


There are more feature worth to mention for the Hawkeye series. For instance, the Manages Remote PDs can do PD alive check and PD scheduling, which monitor the PD power usage status and allocate the power automatically to reduce redundant power consumption. The shielded system can protects the whole system from network intrusion and data leakage and Smart Topology Map makes IT users find and troubleshoot the problems inside the system more easily.


Volktek is always thinking about customers’ need and put them at development priority.


The Hawkeye series will be the future vision of smart Ethernet system.




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