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Lamungan: Simplifying Networks, Securing Infrastructure

2023-11-27 Product News

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This Installation Guide outlines the functionality and utilization of Lamungan, guiding you through the initial setup of the Lite-Managed Ethernet switches within Volktek's Surveillance and Industrial series. Lamungan, Volktek’s management platform, features a user-friendly interface consisting of a Wizard, a Topology Map, and a Dashboard.


The Wizard serves as a step-by-step setup assistant, facilitating the initial management configuration of the Ethernet switch. The Topology Map provides a visual representation of the network infrastructure, highlighting link status using three distinct colors: Red (Critical), Yellow (Alert), and Green (Normal). Simultaneously, the Dashboard presents key performance metrics and traffic-related information.


Lamungan empowers OT and IT users to efficiently manage and monitor Ethernet switches, other network devices, real-time traffic, and link information. This comprehensive platform aids in addressing critical application scenarios, including the protection of infrastructure devices.



The Wizard-assisted interface simplifies the Ethernet switch setup for end-users by covering three fundamental steps: 1) Account setup; 2) IP address configuration; 3) Access Mode. For users requiring advanced features, configuration settings are available to provide greater flexibility.


Topology Map

The Topology Map offers users a comprehensive view of the network infrastructure, showcasing connected devices and neighboring switches. The link status is highlighted using three colors: Red (Critical), Yellow (Alert), and Green (Normal), enhancing visibility and facilitating prompt issue resolution.


About Volktek

Volktek is a leading provider of industrial networking solutions, committed to delivering high-quality, robust, and reliable products that drive innovation in industrial automation and control systems. With a focus on Profinet compatibility, Volktek is shaping the future of industrial networking.




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