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Effortless Automation: Lite Managed's Code Redundancy at its Finest

2024-01-26 Product News

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Embark on a journey of innovation at Volktek, where we redefine the landscape of industrial automation. Our commitment to seamless operation and reliability comes to life through the Lite Managed Family, a cutting-edge solution designed to empower industrial processes. This article explores the pivotal role of code redundancy in ensuring uninterrupted ingenuity, underscoring how our technology sets new standards in the industry.


Code Redundancy's Significance in Automation

When it comes to automation—the field in which computers and robots carry out activities on their own—code redundancy is like a superhero's sidekick. Because any system might experience disruptions, the Lite Managed switches approach to code redundancy guarantees the resilience and robustness of our automation solutions. For sectors that depend on automation to maximize production and efficiency, this dependability is vital.


Recognizing Code Redundancy

Imagine always having a backup copy of your favourite video game, ready to take over without any problems in case the original ever breaks. The basic idea behind code redundancy is this. It entails putting backup procedures in place to ensure that our computers and robots will continue to function even if the primary code or data is compromised. Volktek understands the importance of this strategy and has incorporated it into the foundation of our Lite Managed Switches.


The benefits of code redundancy

Reducing Software problems: Our systems are designed to respond quickly to faults or problems, so even in the event of software malfunctions, automation will continue to run.


Power Outage Resilience: The Lite Managed Family is impervious to abrupt power outages. Our code redundancy protects against possible data corruption while ensuring that processes run smoothly.


Hardware Failure Recovery: While parts occasionally malfunction, modern technology makes hardware breakdowns only a little inconvenience. Code redundancy offers a smooth transition to a backup system.


Easy Software Updates: Although updates are necessary, they can cause unanticipated problems. The code redundancy of the Lite Managed Family serves as a safeguard, ensuring seamless transitions during software updates.


Assurance of Data Integrity: In each system, data corruption is a possible danger. We keep duplicate sets of data using code redundancy so that processes can continue without depending on faulty data.


Managing Overloads in Systems: Overworked systems may experience crashes or slowdowns. The overload is handled by our code redundancy, which maintains stability and uninterrupted operations.



At Volktek, we value unwavering dependability and constant innovation. The Lite Managed Family's focus on code redundancy is indicative of our dedication to maintaining industrial automation innovation. You can be confident that our technology is more than just a solution as you explore the limitless possibilities of automation with us; rather, it is evidence of our commitment to continually pushing the envelope of what is conceivable. Come along on our adventure towards a day when invention is limitless, and disruption is a thing of the past.


About Volktek

Volktek is a leading provider of industrial networking solutions, committed to delivering high-quality, robust, and reliable products that drive innovation in industrial automation and control systems. With a focus on Profinet compatibility, Volktek is shaping the future of industrial networking.




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