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Less is More, Lite Managed Switches

2020-03-18 Product News

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The Lite Managed Surveillance and Industrial Ethernet Switches are a series of versatile devices with hardened components, a management platform, and only the most relevant management features designed to aid operation and information technicians.

Management Platform

The series features the Lamungan Management platform comprised of Wizard to speed up the set-up process in three steps, Topology Map to visualize the network devices and link status, Dashboard for better readability of system performance, traffic, and power consumption, and web-based GUI for remote management.


Choosing managed Ethernet switches depend on each user's application of the device and their needs; traffic management, hardware, software, and price are all influential factors. Certainly, unmanaged switches won't be enough to wire up industrial processes but managed switches have so many management features that only a certified technician understands. Volktek came up with a middle point—The Lite Managed Switches.


The Lite Managed Surveillance and Lite Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches are a series of versatile devices with hardened components, a management platform, and only the most relevant management features designed to aid operation and information technicians.


Hardened Components

All Volktek devices are IP30 protected; these switches are not the exception. Manufactured in Taiwan under strict quality control procedures, these switches are firmly fitted in their enclosure and work at temperatures of up to 60°C to make them durable.

Essential Management Features

The Lite Managed Ethernet switches offer some of the most necessary features in network management like storm control, port-based Quality of Service (QoS), port mirroring, loop detection, and multiple VLANs.


PD Automation and Industrial Protocols

Under the IEEE 802.3af and 802.3at standards, the switches provide enough power to PDs to establish a surveillance network. Once plugged, the PD devices are ready to use, and it only needs a few adjustments for it to continually check the inflow of data and automate rebooting the devices eliminating the need for an on-site technician. Besides, the series can be used in industrial scenarios to migrate data from different protocol devices to an Ethernet network.


To sum it up, Volktek's Lite Managed Surveillance and Lite Managed Industrial Ethernet Switches allow you to have more control over the network and traffic than an unmanaged switch. Technicians can administer them remotely, and while they offer a limited number of options compared to the fully managed ones, they are also more affordable and comprise the most crucial hardware and software features. Furthermore, the series makes the labor of technicians simpler with the help of smart properties and hardened components, allow quick deployment and operate without interruptions at tropical temperatures, making them ideal for indoor applications without an air conditioner.



Lamungan Management Platform is a user-friendly interface of the Lite Managed Surveillance and Lite Managed Industrial Ethernet switches composed by a Wizard, a Topology Map and a Dashboard, which make the tedious management easy and increase reliability, assisting OT and IT users in addressing critical application scenarios including the protection of the devices in the infrastructure.


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