Fiber to the Home
Rural Broadband

Application Overview

Routing high-speed wired and wireless internet and phone services to rural areas has physical and network limitations, resulting in weaker signals and poor transmission rates. The revenue generated by service providers is lower per square km as compared to urban areas and the service and maintenance costs of sending application engineers can be prohibitive. A cost-effective, reliable solution which can be remotely managed can solve many of the challenges seen both by the service provider and clients.

Key Considerations

  • Full managed features with lower port density. Supports 4k VLAN for a wide range of internet services.
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 allows the network manager to control the switch remotely with automated traps for remote alerts.
  • Auto-provisioning allows the operator to upgrade the firmware or configuration of the entire network rather than upgrading each device independantly.
  • Multiple fiber ports can be used to daisy chain switches and extend network to long distances.

Key Volktek Benefits

  Feature Benefit
Reliability Redundant Power Remains On During Power Failure Built-in surge protection, dual power sources and battery back-up ensure stable device operations for 24/7 network reliability.
Availability Dual Image Secondary Flash Space to Store Configuration Files If the primary flash space is corrupted, the configuration file is saved in the secondary space to ensure your device is available.
Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP) Strengthen the Transmission Combine multiple network connections in parallel to increase the throughput beyond a single connection, provide link redundancy and reduce ISP network stability issues.
Performance VLAN Connect Remote Devices Network administrators can partition the networks to match the functional and security requirements of their systems without having to run new cables or make major changes in the current network infrastructure.
Storm Control Prevent LAN Traffic Storms Prevents the traffic on a LAN from being distrupted by a broadcast, multicast or unicast storm on a port, reducing the system bandwidth requirements and saving CAPEX.
Security Device Locking Last Mile of Protection By enable the Device Lock feature, the switch will not function in any network other than its configured network.
Management Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) + TRAP Monitor Your Network From a Single Location Managed switches provide management of SNMP traps or alert messages sent from a remote SNMP-enabled device to a center SNMP server.

Application Diagram




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