Fiber to the Business

Application Overview

Companies need to stay globally connected for both internal and external communications, requiring high bandwidth and advanced broadband solutions. Common applications include large file sharing and high definition (HD) voice and video conference calls, while maintaining low latency and secure data transmission.

Key Considerations

High capacity data handling from 1G to 10G, with advanced layer 2 (L2) and basic layer 3 (L3) network features and IPv6 support.
Contains security features such as DHCP snooping, IP source guard and VLAN for a secure and converged network to prevent external attacks.
High quality of Service (QoS) features for effective delivery of mission-critical traffic such as voice and video.
Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP) IEEE 802.1W standard protects against switching loops.
Dual flash memory space for storage of firmware and configuration files. If the primary system fails, the back-up is immediately activated, minimizing effort and OPEX costs.

Key Volktek Benefits

  Feature Benefit
Reliability Redundant Power Remains On During Power Failure
Availability Dual Image Secondary Flash Space to Store Configuration Files
Ring Protection
Performance Quality of Service (QoS) Effective Delivery of Critical Traffic
Security DHCP Snooping, IP Source guard, VLAN Limit Incoming Traffic and Identify Trusted Sources
Management Email Alarm Triggered Events Alert Via Email

Application Diagram




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