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Company Overview

With more than 20 years of industry experience and being a Taiwan-based leading company in all fields of metro, surveillance and industrial Ethernet, Volktek brings together a full spectrum of  high-quality networking solutions to fulfill customer’s needs for today’s and Next Generation Ethernet platform. Volktek is always providing advanced Ethernet solution with value-added features, affordable pricing to meet limited budget, and a customer-oriented approach to support all phases of networking needs.


Extensive Product Line

Volktek offers a complete range of commercial as well as industrial grade networking products with customized design and sophisticated manufacturing process fulfilling customers' product specifications with the requirements. Volktek delivers good quality and customer-centric networking products and solutions in the following categories for various market segments:



- Metro Ethernet Switches

- Surveillance Ethernet Switches

- Industrial Ethernet Switches

- CPEs and Media Converters




Rigorous Testing & Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality assurance tests are performed on all Volktek products throughout the product development cycle and stands for the initiated part of Volktek products. To verify their reliability and longevity, all switches must pass a rigorous set of design and production tests, including ESD, EMI/EMS, surge/EFT, wide temperature, vibration/shock and burn-in tests that can operate reliably and efficiently in harsh and challenging environments.


 Testing Equipments


Flexible RMA Policy and Attractive Product Warrantee

All Industrial products have come up with a solid 5-year warranty. This means that for a period of up to 5 years from the date of delivery, Volktek will repair or replace defective product. This gives customers absolute assurance that we produce high quality products, and that westand behind our products.


Always Believe in Core Values and Social Responsibility

Built around the core belief – Technology is for People. With the ideal of making technology affordable and easy-to-use, Volktek reflects a principle in its name derived from two German words ‘People’ and ‘Technology’, hence “People's Technology”.

With our more than 20 years of vision, we have always taking pride in stating that we are extremely flexible and customer focused. By stating that our customer’s base is not limited to a certain business, we offer tailored solutions to each and everyone’s need. It is a social responsibility that we have undertaken to provide high quality of living not only for cities, but also rural areas.