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Company Overview

With more than 23 years of industry experience and being a leading company in Taiwan in all fields of metro, surveillance and industrial Ethernet, Volktek brings a full spectrum of high-quality networking solutions to fulfill customers’ needs for current and next generation Ethernet platforms. Volktek always provides advanced Ethernet solutions with value-added features, affordable pricing, and customer-oriented approach to support all phases of networking needs.


Extensive Product Line

Volktek offers a wide range of commercial and industrial grade networking products as follows:



- Metro Ethernet Switches

- Surveillance Ethernet Switches

- Industrial Ethernet Switches

- CPEs and Media Converters




Rigorous Testing & Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality assurance tests are performed on all Volktek products throughout the development and production cycles. To ensure reliability and longevity, all switches must pass all of the following tests: ESD, EMI/EMS, surge/EFT, wide temperature, vibration/shock, and burn-in.


 Testing Equipments


Flexible RMA Policy and Attractive Product Warranty

All Volktek products come with 5 years of warranty. This means that for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery, Volktek will repair or replace any defective products. This policy gives customers absolute assurance that we produce high-quality products and that we stand behind our products.


Believe in Core Values and Social Responsibility

Our core belief is that technology is for people. With the idea of making technology affordable and easy to use, the company name “Volktek” is derived from two German words ‘People’ and ‘Technology.’

We are very flexible and customer oriented. We offer customized solutions to meet customers’ requirements. It is our social responsibility to improve people’s quality of life by providing cutting-edge network products.