Case Studies
  • PoE Solution for Outdoor Surveillance System in City of Manila, Philippine

    The Philippines, one of the Southeast Asia country, is facing challenges due to Global Warming. The highest outside temperature during summer meets recorded up to 40.1°C (Northern Luzon, 2013), temperature increasing causes many existing outside surveillance systems malfunction, additional fans to be added and increasing technician overheads. Thus, using commercial grade for outdoor applications is no longer suitable.


    From the above observation, the project decided to use Volktek product and deployed Volktek Managed industrial PoE switch. On each site consists of several PoE IP camera connected by Volktek INS-8648P.

  • PoE switch for indoor Surveillance System in City of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    Located in Kuala Lumpur, one of the luxuries five-star hotel, are increasing the security level by implementing the cameras expansion through each floor. The surveillance system is steaming real-time full HD resolution videos, with monitoring and recording both video and audio of the hotel status, to prevent and react from any emergency situations happening. 


    Volktek Hardened PoE series are providing high PoE budget up to 30w power per port, with IP30 compact fanless design, to endure the high humidity with temperature up to 60°C, and using industrial grade components to provide the high-quality products and the most reliable solution to the application.

  • PoE switch for outdoor Surveillance System in Pattaya, Thailand

    Located at Pattaya Thailand, one of the most famous tourist city in Southeast Asia, each year are over 8 Million tourists visiting the city, which make city security of safety even more critical than before. Pattaya government are increasing the security level, with expanding the surveillance System, Centralize Management, 24/7 operation, and implementing more than 1400 cameras, at the beachside and public area surveillance, determining to become the safest city than ever.


    To provide the total solution, installing Volktek Industrial grade PoE switch INS-8648P, with high PoE budget up to 30w power per port, IP30 aluminum fanless design, able to endure the high humidity with temperature up to 75°C.