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Customer Service

Volktek is always determined to provide high quality products and excellent customer services. Volktek’s all high quality networking products comes up with attractive warrantee starting from 1 to 5 years, satisfying the requirement of all customer groups. Volute offers flexible RMA services for both warranty and out-of-warranty products without degrading the original quality. This gives customers absolute assurance that we produce high quality products, and that we always stand behind our products.


Product Warranty

Volktek products come with a solid 1 to 5 year warranty. This means that for a period of 5 years from the date of delivery, Volktek will repair or replace defective product. This gives customers absolute assurance that we produce high quality  products, and that we stand behind our products.


RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization)

Distributors must have a RMA number given by VOLKTEK Customer Support Department before return any merchandise. To obtain a RMA number, distributors must fill out RMA request form and fax back to VOLKTEK.  VOLKTEK will assign a RMA number to distributors in 48 hours.  Meanwhile it’s a requirement to fill out the “Serial Number” and “Problem Description” when filling the RMA request form. Or it may cause the service delay if customer does not fill out the information accordingly.

VOLKTEK always tries as much as it can to provide best services to customers. This repairing service is provided not only for product under warranty but also for products beyond warranty.  The beyond warranty products or misuse of product will be charged labor and parts cost.  The labor cost will be US$ 10/per hour.  Normally, it takes about two weeks to get repairing jobs done.


DOA (Defected On Arrival)

VOLKTEK contracted distributors can get product replacement service for defected on arrival (DOA) or manufacturing defected products.  VOLKTEK will provide same or functionally identical products for replacement or issue a credit note to distributors at VOLKTEK option.  Product replacement will always come first.

To ship RMA back to distributor will be paid by VOLKTEK while shipping RMA to VOLKTEK will be charged at customer site.