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Cable Operators

To be a part of growing technology and sustain within the competitive broadband market, the cable operators are now head-on their business towards digitalized broadband networking. The cable operators have a large existing customer base with connectivity to their networks which creates an advantageous position to diversify the offerings and provide various value added services such as High-Speed Internet access, Video on Demand (VoD), WiFi-based mobile voice and data services. Understanding the requirements of cable operator with their real applications scenario, Volktek has come up with its extensive range of broadband products and solutions including Aggregation, Access, CPE, and SMBs. Volktek’s broadband products line offers leading-edge technology and a cost-effective solution without incurring excessive re-cabling, operational and capital expenditures with a guarantee of increasing uptime which creates million dollar business for the operators delivering high-quality voice, video and data services.




● High bandwidth connectivity to handle high voluminous data transmission

● Can deal with power failure issue

● Simplifying integration, easy deployment, and configuration which helps to reduce CAPEX and OPEX

● The customized solution may be the design or feature point of view to satisfy every level of users

● Zero tolerance downtime



Beneficial Features

● Gigabit bandwidth networking with advanced L2 features

● Redundant power supply by both AC and DC with supportive battery backup

● Support powering through the coaxial adapter, helps cable operator to use their traditional powering

   method reducing extra cost of adopting new power cable

● Intelligent hardware features like Hardware Monitoring, Cable tester, Dying Gasp helps in faster trouble


● Dual flash memory spaces to store the same firmware code and configuration file. If primary fails, backup

   one can be immediately activated which reduce extra effort and OPEX to regenerate the file again.

● Remotely manage from control Room, no need to send any engineer physically to the customer site,

   resulting minimization of OPEX and increase in customer satisfaction

● Anti-theft Device Locking feature, protecting the switch from getting stolen and reused                       

● Auto-provisioning for zero-touch up-gradation and installation of firmware and configuration

● Redundant ring topology to establish an always available network

● Comprehensive QoS and security functions for timely and confidential delivery of voice, video, and data

● Ethernet loop detection with auto recovery timer

● The compact and slim design which can easily place inside the field side cabinet