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Mobile Broadband Operator

The new generation 4G, LTE, and 5G mobile networks enable mobile operators to provide services such as mobile TV, video conferencing, real-time games, and fast internet browsing and communication. For efficient Ethernet solutions that can support both legacy and future IP networks, Volktek offers future-proof Metro Ethernet products including Aggregation, Access, and CPE (Customer premises equipment) devices for high-quality voice, video, and data transmissions.




● High bandwidth connectivity for high volume data transmission.
● Power failure safeguard.
● Advanced features to reduce OPEX and CAPEX.
● Secure network infrastructure.
● Zero tolerance on downtime.
● Customized solution to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Beneficial Features

● Gigabit bandwidth networking with advanced L2 features.
● Resistant to temperature variations from -20 oC to 60oC.
● Redundant power supply with both AC and DC and battery backup.
● Intelligent hardware features such as Hardware Monitoring, Cable tester, Dying Gasp for fast trouble
● Dual flash memory spaces for storage of firmware and configuration files.
● Anti-theft locking feature preventing the device from being stolen and reused.
● Auto-provisioning for zero-touch upgrade and installation of firmware and configuration files.
● Redundant ring topology to ensure continuous operation.
● High QoS and security functions for fast and confidential delivery of voice, video, and data.
● Compact and slim device that can be placed inside a field cabinet.