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Maritime Security

Maritime security is needed proactive and automated preventive approach to minimize the probability of threats and damages to the integrity of the offshore assets. However, to provide round the clock marine surveillance is confronted several challenges for technical equipment onboard including vibration, high voltages, RFI (Radio Frequency Immunity) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility). Other harsh conditions often found on maritime & offshore such as extreme operating temperatures, high humidity and corrosion, high shock and vibration, and where protection from EMI or RFI is required. Hence, to establish a reliable security system for offshore and maritime environments, a reliable, highly efficient Ethernet network is essential to handle all video, voice, and data transmission requirements.

Volktek's industrial Ethernet switches have been fully tested and certified by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) allowing them to be used within harsh and challenging marine environments to provide 24/7 surveillance with utmost reliability.




Network devices with maritime certified for offshore environments

Rugged hardware design that withstands humidity, temperature, vibration, and electromagnetic hazards

Affordable bandwidth for real-time network traffic

Redundant network communication system ensures high data availability

Expandable and Upgradeable



Beneficial Features

DNV and GL certified, ensure reliable operation in harsh maritime environments

Vibration-proof, corrosion-free and high temp. Tolerance from -40°C~75°C

Gigabit backbone to satisfy the constant and growing demand for high-bandwidth, real-time video, voice,

   and data communications 

An intelligent PoE+ function such as PD Alive-Checking for PD’s working status monitoring with PoE

   scheduling for energy saving

Network Failure can be recovered in the scale of milliseconds, ensures high data availability

Easy network management by using a user-friendly web GUI with a single click

Dual source of power input with lock-type AC to DC power adapter that prevents power failure due to

   loosen connection

Intelligent hardware features such as Dying gasp, Hardware monitor, Code redundancy which ensure the

   reliability of switches for maritime & offshore applications

High MTBF ensuring continuous performance and higher longevity