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Highway Network

Day by day, the ratio of vehicles are getting more on the highways which leads to greater congestion, longer reachable time, security threats including laborious manual tracking of all the carriers. To deal with this situation now the manually operable systems for highways are replaced by automation machinery such as in-vehicle electronic tags, RFID readers, ETC toll display monitor and data (billing) center, IP cameras, APs, roadside emergency calling center and different SCADA systems for real-time traffic monitoring. However, to ensure the stable and reliable services, the ethernet-solution is needed which can be able to withstand harsh temperature change, humidity, and vibration especially when it is placed outdoors but provides an uninterrupted connection.

Volktek provides a full range of Industrial Ethernet products and networking solution for robust connectivity between the automated machinery and monitoring systems ideal for the most demanding highway applications.


● SCADA systems for light control and emergency message delivering

● Traffic signal control systems

● Reliable surveillance, and safety Systems

● Intelligent Electronics Toll Collection

● Tunnel surveillance and lighting control

● Roadside emergency help booth

● Traffic data acquisition and monitoring systems



● Industrial grade solution as the devices are placed outdoors and can easily be affected by noise

● As switch devices placed around highway may have high possibilities to be hit by lightning or suffer
   from ESD and surge

● When a single point of failure occurs in a device, the engineer may not be able to visit the field site
   immediately to solve the

● Outdoor temperature varies greatly. During summertime, the temperature in a metal junction box may
   reach up to 60℃ or higher; however, in winter, the temperature may drop to -20℃ or lower

● PoE+ capability with a higher power budget for installed IP devices


Beneficial Features

● Industrial grade design to tolerate harsh highway environment

● Redundant power for non-stop operation

● Industrial protocol compatibility

● Redundant ring topology to operate the device in maximum uptime

● PoE+ Functionality with sufficient power budget to power up IP surveillance devices