The current economic decline, increase taxation, new environmental regulation and fuel costs have put pressure on the airport industries. To increase the efficiency within less cost of investment, the airport industries are now relying on high performance automated network infrastructure.  With the concept of modernization, most of the modern international airports has deployed automated machinery such as moving aprons for passengers, docking system for leading planes on stands, baggage sorting plants, digital signage to provide timely and correct schedules, Flight Information Displays (FIDS) and air conditioning system are also connected to the network. IP surveillance technology also plays an important role in improving security at airports in the face of various dangers ranging from common vandalism to terrorist attacks.

Design to power up the IP surveillance including airport automation, Volktek’s well-made Industrial Ethernet with the PoE+ solution can able to establish a more convenient, secured, and well-planned network infrastructure also suitable for both inside and outside environment.




● High-speed Ethernet network with high-bandwidth and long-haul transmission capability from terminals to

   the airport's remote operation center

● PoE+ capability for IP surveillance

● Reliable performance under extreme temperatures

● Able to centrally manage all end-points

● Able to handle power failure issues for reducing any downtime

● Proper management of user traffics


Beneficial Features

● Gigabit Ethernet technology with high port density and fiber uplink which can easily extendible to remote

   operation center

● Can be easily integrated with automated devices without any compatible issue

● An industrial hardened design which can tolerate temp. 20°C~60°C without any need of air conditioner and

   can sustain in immense humidity and dust

● VIP port functionality to provide uninterrupted services for important devices

● PoE+ functionality saving power consumption and significantly reducing the number of power sockets

   and cabling which in turn reduces the cost of installation and maintenance

● Intelligent PoE+ features with sufficient PoE budget to power up IP devices

● Remotely manage from the control room, no need to send any engineer physically to for any trouble

   shooting, resulting in minimization of OPEX and increase in customer satisfaction

● Redundant power for non-stop operation

● Self-healing redundant ring technologies for immediate recovery from network failures

● Robust fanless design with high MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)