Growing with the same pace of everything digitalization concept, the people are required faster and smarter connectivity that make them connected anywhere, anytime. This motivation helps the telecom industries to rise in the form of value-added internet and data services such as 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE and many more with the purpose of delivering desired information at a single click irrespective of the location.


To provide next generation legacy-free digital services over an end-to-end all-IP network, telecom companies are vastly deploying towers, macro cells, small cells and Wi-Fi APs as last mile solution. However, this leading edge communication mechanisms are also needed the support of industrial grade Ethernet solution to handle high volumes of data, operate without pause for long periods of time, and exhibit the highest levels of reliability especially in outdoor demanding environments. Considering all the needs and challenges Volktek offers its helping hand to world’s most leading telecom industries through its future-proof Ethernet solutions exhibiting robust performance, 100% reliability, intelligent PoE+ and well-synchronized connectivity




● Sustainability in wide range of temperature and high humidity

● Easy and burden less PoE solution

● Easy integration with other vendor switches

● Round the clock availability

● Remote monitoring capability with easy extension to control room



Benefical Features

● Compatible and interoperable with other vendor switches saving your CAPEX

● Industrial hardened design which can tolerate temp. 20°C~60°C (Industrial) and -40°C~75°C (Wide) and

   can sustain in immense humidity and dust

● Prioritized QoS features for better delivery of mission-critical traffics such as data, voice and video

● PoE+ functionality for simple, quick and easy-to-deploy solution, minimizing labor and reducing the cost

   of installation and maintenance

● Intelligent hardware features like Hardware Monitoring, Cable Tester, Dying Gasp helps in faster trouble

● Remotely manage from control room, no need to send any engineer physically to the customer site,
   resulting minimization of OPEX and increase in customer satisfaction

● Redundant power for non-stop operation

● Self-healing redundant ring technologies for immediate recovery from network failures

● Well-synchronized peer to peer connectivity with the switch inside the cabinet and the regulatory core