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NEW High-port-density Solution to Monitor Industrial Networks, Woodpecker 9015-16GT-I May.03, 2021


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TAIPEI, TAIWAN, May 1st, 2021- VOLKTEK Corporation, a leading Taiwanese original design, and equipment manufacturing service company of Ethernet products in the broadband and automation segments headquartered in New Taipei City, Taiwan, introduces the Woodpecker 9015-16GT-I, a 16-port managed Industrial Ethernet Switch. A high-port-density solution for large-scale industrial network infrastructures that respond to four essential requirements of interconnected industrial infrastructures with multiple machines: density, security, segmentation, and recovery.


Hardware Features
  • 16 x 10/100/1000BAST-T(RJ 45)
  • Wide temperature range for Demanding Industrial Environments: -40°C - 75°C
  • Dual Power Input Support and Alarm System to run even when there's a power failure
  • Power consumption on each power source of 12~60V DC connected to a 6-pin terminal port
  • DIN-Rail mountable, IP30 enclosure, and slim design for organized storage in a cabinet.
Solution Highlights and Benefits
  • Reports Issues - Intelligent monitoring features with tools like a dashboard, syslog management, transmission reports, and alarm emails accessed remotely via an internet browser

  • Groups Devices on 16 Individual Networks in one Device - This high-port-density switch can group smaller networks in one Ethernet switch

  • Protects from Network Intruders - Monitoring and Management settings require password authentication to protect networks from intruders, and MAC-registered sync only allowed devices to browse the settings

  • Efficient Network - To operate constantly the device offers Dual Power Input Support and Alarm System, redundancy protocols, and QoS for traffic efficiency

  • Resistant and Rugged Structure - IP30 enclosure protects the switch from dust and rust, wide temperature operation and tested to work in environments with vibration and electromagnetic interference caused by the accumulation of devices

Improved Accuracy and Support

Comprehensive Networks with Deep Management Features

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