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Easy Network Management with Volktek Lite Manage Switches Jan.08, 2019

Dear Customers,

Volktek presents you the revolutionary and cost-effective Lite Managed (LM) switches to meet the demands of industrial automation and surveillance systems. LM switches includes basic but powerful features with a space-saving design for factory and surveillance applications. LM Switches are intended for easy network management through network graph (topology map). Volktek’s Element Management System ‘LAMUNGAN’ can be used together with LM switches to manage your network using web interface and Mobile APP. It is secured and easy to use.



Prominent features include:

- Network Graph (topology map) for easy monitoring

- Easy to integrate with Modbus TCP Industrial protocol

- High power budget for PoE+ devices with intelligent PD alive checking

- Network management through cloud without extra costs

- No issues of unfamiliar network management skills

- Emergency call support within the APP

- Cloud integration for secure and cost-effective solutions

Volktek has dominated the market with innovative broadband, surveillance, and automation products for more than 23 years. We constantly set new standards and protocols for our products. We care about your satisfaction and are looking forward to your comments and suggestions.



Volktek Corporation