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Fiber to the Home

01 Let the Right Fiber Come into Your Home


With the recent widespread use of the Internet and broadband service at home, the traditional network communication lines are gradually unable to deliver the increasing amount of data, such as audio data, image data, and movie data, via the Internet. In order to satisfy these demands, FTTH (Fiber to the Home), in which optical fibers are provided to the home, and are being made available widely to consumers. But the challenge still remains in creating a low CAPEX, optimized, scalable, long-term reliable and easy-to-reach network which has minimal initial utilization but a larger ROI enabling less OPEX.



Volktek’s Solutions

● Volktek Metro Ethernet solution can able to handle a higher data rate from 100M/1G to 10G with 
   extensive choice of interfaces (Fiber/Copper) with advanced L2+ for various network needs

● Designed with defensible surge protection that protection device from external lightning damage and
   saves repairing cost

● Supportive battery backup with powering through an external adapter that protects the entire switch 
   damage due to  power fluctuation external lightening saves entire switch damage

● Antitheft Device Locking, which enables the switch to operable only on the configured network,        
prevents the switch from reused


Products Applied

MEN-4532  28-port Fiber Switch, 20-slot 100FX/GbE SFP, 4G Combo, 4-slot Gigabit SFP, L2 Managed Switch





  PoE+ Fiber to Home Solution for IP Surveillance 02


Everyone wants their home to be safe and secure especially when the children and old people are staying in. The requirement also extended for the wireless connectivity that makes you connect when some emergency occurred. By realizing the necessity for residential security, people are deploying IP camera, Wi-Fi APs VoIP phones around their residential environment to safeguard people’s safety, valuable assets, or minimize risks associated with criminal activity.






Volktek’s Solutions

● PoE+ functionality that enables easy plug-n-play and burden-less maintenance of different PoE
   devices like IP camera, Wi-Fi APs installed in office and organization

● E-mail alarm feature that helps you to alert any malfunction on the IP devices even if you are not in     
   the home

● The compactable and space-conscious design which can easily feet within your small house
   environment with the option for wall-mount installation

● Redundant power inputs with Power Isolation and overvoltage protection for non-stop operations and 
   home safety



Product Applied

NSH-2410P  8-port Gigabit PoE+, 2-slot 100/1000 SFP, Smart Managed Switch