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Outdoor Wireless Access


Reliable Solution for Wi-Fi Communication in Smart Cities

Nowadays the cities are getting smarter, so as the connectivity. Smart city applications demand seamless wireless networking applications which make the citizen stay connected anywhere, anytime using any devices.  Through the Wi-Fi connectivity, city developers can also gather the surrounding environment data which can help them to take some smarter decision for the further benefits of the citizens. To deliver always-reachable, simple management, easily expandable and faster speed connectivity for every user, both commercial and industrial solution is preferred for various challenging applications such as transportation areas, convenient stores, and busy downtown shopping districts.



Volktek’s Solutions

● Industrial grade design with intelligent PoE+ functionality enabling plug-n-play and burden-less

● Long-haul fiber connectivity that can easily be extended to the control room for centrally monitor and

   manage AP’s for a single or multiple remote sites

● Anti-theft Device Locking feature, protecting the switch from getting stolen and reused

● Comprehensive QoS features for better delivery of mission-critical traffic such as voice and video

● Advanced IPv6 support  with  comprehensive QoS features for better delivery of mission-critical traffics
   such as voice and video



Products Applied

INS-8648P  8-port 10/100/1000BASE-T PoE, 4-slot Gigabit SFP, Managed Industrial Switch