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             Industrial Ethernet Solution

01for Ship Engine Monitoring System


In a ship operation machines, the engine system is the primary part of entire ship function. If the engine system is damaged or does not operate correctly, the ship could pose a serious danger for the ongoing operations. In order to ensure that the engine system works properly, the ship's mechanic must keep track of many different parameters of ship engine through different sensors, transmitters, signal generators etc. The serial signal from that sensing device is converted and transmitted via Ethernet to the control center to be used for control, monitoring, and further analysis. The Ethernet solution needs to be robust to operate in harsh ship environment that has extreme operating temperatures, heavy moisture, heavy EMI, erosion, extensive shock, and vibration.



Volktek’s Solutions

● Volktek’s Industrial Ethernet switches are  certified with DNV/GL certification that ensures reliable
   operation in the rugged ship environment

● Equipped with reliable network redundancy provided by Xpress Ring technology (recovery time <
   20ms)/STP/RSTP/ERPS  providing a reliable and stable network     

● Fiber connectivity for long distance transmission from the shipyard to control Room

● During an abnormal event, the switch automatically sends warnings through email and relay output with
   real-time alarm messages.



Products Applied

INS-8648M  8-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, 4-slot Gigabit SFP, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch





Redundant Ethernet Solution

for Windmill Monitoring and Control     02


The technic of generation of power through Windmill is currently considered as on one of the best renewable energy source.  Redundant Ethernet network connections are mostly required for creating a reliable communication for remote data collection, equipment control, and adjustments to windmill settings. Such Ethernet solution must possess a fast recovery time as well as fiber support to transmit the data to the control room and in between the windmills which are situated far away from each other.




Volktek’s Solutions

● Volktek’s industrial Ethernet products can tolerate a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 70°C to
   withstand the harsh environments with high-grade EMI immunity for wind turbine applications.

● Volktek Switches possess various link redundancy features such as Xpress Ring, ERPS where the
   recovery time is less than 20 ms that establish self-healing, reliable Ethernet infrastructures for wind
   power systems.    

● Supports fiber optic connections for long-distance and noise-free transmission.

● Fanless design, High MTBF and solid 5yr warranty


Products Applied

INS-8648  8-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, 4-slot Gigabit SFP, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch 


INS-8615  5-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1-slot Gigabit SFP, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch 



03 Robust Solution for Offshore Oil-drilling Network


Offshore oil drilling is very challenging in a harsh and complicated marine environment, influenced by corrosion, erosions, temperature variations, high tides and other adverse factors. In addition, operators require redundant with high bandwidth networks for non-stop monitoring of all aspects of the platforms.  Hence to achieve reliability and security, the Industrial solution is preferred.





Volktek’s Solutions

● Necessary certifications to withstand extreme temperatures (-40°C~70°C), humidity, shock, vibrations
   EMC with redundant power input option

● Remarkable DNV/GL certification that ensures reliable operation in the rugged oil-drill environment

● Volktek Switches possess various link redundancy features such as Xpress Ring, ERPS where the
   recovery time is less than 20 ms that establish self-healing, reliable Ethernet infrastructures

● Large bandwidth backbone with remote data monitoring and real-time communication with central
   system through a stable fiber network



Products Applied

INS-8648M  8-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, 4-slot  SFP Gigabit, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch