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             Rugged and Intelligent Connectivity

01for Robotic Arm Solution


To increase the productivity with less manpower and get an accurate processing result without any human error, most of the industries use the programmable robot controller which can perform various operations such as welding, gripping, spinning, fitting etc. The operational data will be sent to the monitoring room through PLC where the manager is able to analyze, control the equipment remotely, detects the failures and transmit data to SCADA monitoring system. Thus the Ethernet solution connected to the PLC needs to be robust and reliable enough to handle the transmitted data from/to the robotic arm device in the harsh factory environment.



Volktek’s Solution

● Building with field-hardened components, Volktek’s Industrial Ethernet switches can withstand harsh
   industrial environments such as constant vibration, heavy shocks, humidity with high-level ESD
   protection and well operable in industrial operating temperature -40°C~70°C

● During any abnormal hardware condition, the switch automatically sends warnings through email and
   relay output with real-time alarm messages.

● Every device is ruggedized to excel in mission-critical applications for production and process
   automation and can be integrated into any large-scale distributed SCADA monitoring system.

● Volktek's industrial switches redundant ring architecture enhances network reliability and make them
   ideal for deploying secure automation network systems in tough industrial environments.



Products Applied

INS-840G  16-port 10/100/1000, Unmanaged Industrial Gigabit Switch, Aluminum case

INS-8528   8-port 10/100, 2-slot 100FX/1000SX/LX SFP, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch, Aluminum case




Reliable Industrial Solution

for Waste Water Management  02



To deal with the issues of scarcity of water in modern life, most of the Government adopts wastewater treatment process to make water reusable and eliminating bad residues existing in many public sanitation systems then to return water back into natural environment without any bad impacts for the daily use such as drinking water, industrial process, medical, hotel process and others. However, the entire management process needs a reliable Industrial Ethernet network that connects with SCADA, PLC, water sensors, water pumps etc. with extensible fiber option for huge floor space.



Volktek’s Solution

● Redundant ring topology can protect the water treatment’s mission-critical applications from network
   interruptions or temporary malfunctions with its millisecond scale recovery technology

● Wide operational temperatures tolerance from -40 to 70°C enables the devices to operate efficiently in
   challenging environment  of water management area

● Long-haul fiber connectivity that solves transmission distance problem due to a large area of the plant

● Industrial protocol compatibility to operate with SCADA, PLCs, water sensors and which can be easily
   monitored and managed from the control 



Products Applied

INS-8415  5-port 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1-slot Gigabit SFP, Unmanaged Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Switch

INS-8528  8-port 10/100, 2-slot 100FX/1000SX/LX SFP, Managed Industrial Ethernet Switch, Aluminum case